Mister & Miss Kentucky Black Pride Pageant

Welcome to the 2023-24 Mr. & Miss Kentucky Black Pride Pageant! We are thrilled you chose to be a contestant! This is a pageant where the best contestant overall will win regardless of where you come from, what your name is, or whether or not you have ever competed. All races, ethnicities, and genders are welcome to compete!

This handbook will give you information needed to be prepared for the competition and an outline of how things will be run so you can plan accordingly. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY.

We look forward to seeing you on August 12, 2023! We wish you success, and all the dreams you may wish for.




Shawn Ka’Ron Bumpase


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Congratulations to Mister Roman Young Hart and Miss Dalicious Milian for a great reign!!
Pageant Handbook 
Saturday, August 12th, 2023 

Uniqueness Unlimited 
3120 Pimlico Pkwy Lexington KY 40517. 

Registration at 3:00pm, Show begins promptly at 6:00pm
Prize List    
The winners for the 2023-24 Kentucky Black Pride Pageant will receive the official Kentucky Black Pride Crown, sash, and will receive a total of $500 cash ($250 upon winning and $100 for Pride in the Park, and $150 after completion of their reign and step-down)
Contestant Registration   

Contestant Registration for the 2023-24 Mr. & Miss Kentucky Black Pride Pageant is mandatory and will take place on Saturday, Aug 12th, 2023 at 3:00PM EST at Uniqueness Unlimited. Each contestant must bring valid photo identification and your music. All contestants MUST be  present  and checked  in  by  3:15pm  or  they will  not compete in the pageant. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Please prepare for traffic delays, parking, and any other issues that may prevent you from arriving on time.


Contestants must  complete and turn in the Pageant application and their $50 entry fee before August 1, 2023, After the 1st its $65 fee. (Send payment & application to Kentucky Black Pride 1729 Gerald Driver, Lexington, KY 40511) Contestants will draw a contestant number for competition, receive their pageant entry bands, and will go over the contestant handbook. In an effort to have a productive informational meeting in the shortest time possible all Dressers, Dancers, Partners, and Friends should not accompany you to Contestant Registration.


Contestants will be given one entry band for a dressing room assistant. This band will get the dresser into the pageant and will allow them to be with you in the dressing area. If you plan on having dancers, they MUST purchase their tickets for entry at the door or they will not be allowed into the pageant.



Contestants must have the following information ready at registration:


·         Talent music must be burned to a flash drive or emailed to  Kentuckyblackpride@gmail.com the day of by 2pm.

·         Formal Wear Description Cards will be given out and collected at this meeting as well! They MUST be turned in at Registration or you will not have a description read during this category.




·       Contestant leaves the stage before or during crowning (Contestants should stay on stage after crowning for photographs)

·       Theft or vandalism to any property

·       Knowingly allowing others to enter host location without paying applicable admission fee

·       Any irreparable remarks made toward or regarding a Kentucky Black Pride Contestant, Committee Member, Title Holder, Past Titleholder, or Judge.

Rules & Regulations

1.      Contestants must be 21 years old by the day of the pageant. ID is REQUIRED

2.      Judging will be on a total point ordinal system.

3.      Contestants will be judged in the following categories: Creative Presentation (read below for rules & details), Talent, Formal/Evening Wear, & On-Stage Question & Answer.

4.      Any type of Talent is acceptable except those that may cause injury to the audience or any other person. No use of glitter, food, confetti, powder, or anything that causes debris on the stage will be allowed. No fire and No water may be used.

5.      Due to dressing area limitations there is to be only 1 assistant backstage. If there is more than the 1 person, they will be asked to leave the dressing room and

administrative points will be deducted from the contestant’s final score (1 point per


6.      The use or dispensing of any illegal substance will not be tolerated while any contestant is participating in the pageant. Immediate disqualification and ejection from the venue will occur for anyone breaking this rule. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages by the contestant, contestant helper, or dancers will also result in disqualification.

7.      Any Contestant not in the appointed place at the appointed time (i.e. Registration, Contestant Check-In, or when called to the stage for judging) will have a 1 point per judge deduction.

8.      Any Contestant, dancer, or helper who is caught in the act of stealing or tampering with another person’s property will be ejected from the premises and will cause immediate disqualification and a permanent ban from KBP of said contestant.

9.      All music must be on a flash drive. Contestant will receive a label card, with the

contestant’s name. Please mark the Track # and song on the card.

10.  Kentucky Black Pride does not discriminate against entertainers with silicone and or hormone use. The use of silicone and or hormones will not be considered positively or negatively by any judge in scoring contestants.

11.  The winners of the 2023-24 Kentucky Black Pride Pageant must abide by the “Expectations of the Kentucky Black Pride Titleholders” agreement in this handbook for one year or relinquish the title and pay back all monies paid by

promoters and return the crown. Also, the winners must always agree to appear and relinquish the title and crown at the end of the reign and represent Kentucky Black Pride in a professional manner.

12.  Kentucky Black Pride reserves the right to make any decisions concerning any matter not covered by these rules and regulations.


Contestants will be scored using the “ordinal” or “ranking” system. In each category, the judges will rank the contestants and points are assigned based on placement with Talent carrying the most weight.


-  1st  place gets 25 pts., 2nd place gets 24 pts., 3rd place gets 23 pts., etc.


- 1st  place gets 50pts. 2nd  place gets 48 pts., 3rd  place gets 46 pts., etc.

Formal Wear-

- 1st  place gets 25 pts., 2nd place gets 24 pts., 3rd place gets 23 pts., etc.

Question & Answer- 

- 1st  place gets 25 pts., 2nd place gets 24 pts., 3rd place gets 23 pts., etc.

 GRAND TOTAL: 125 points (Is the most points to win) 

Each contestant will also receive a comment sheet from each judge. Contestants can pick up their comment sheets before leaving the venue immediately after the pageant in the dressing room. Comment sheets will be given to the contestant only, not to their dresser, dancer, friend, etc.

Category Descriptions (in order of competition):

Presentation: Creative Royal Purple and/or Gold (or Yellow)  Attire (Worth 25 points) 

It’s all about Royalty, and in order to be a part of this Royal Family you must prove that you can bring it ROYAL STYLE! Each contestant will present themselves to the audience and judges in a Creative Purple and/or Gold (yellow)  Attire. This is NOT a "mini talent" category. There is a three-minute limit, and each contestant must introduce themselves on the microphone giving their name and contestant number. Contestants will model their costume. There is no set up time for props. Contestants will be judged solely on their costume by creativity, fit, ability to model costume, speaking ability, and overall effectiveness of Creative Purple and/or Gold (yellow)  Attire and Introduction.

Talent:  (Worth 50 points) 

Each contestant will be judged in a Talent selection of their choice. It may be of any type that will not put themselves or the audience in danger. NO use of glitter, food, confetti, powder, or anything that causes debris on the stage will be allowed. NO fire, No Live Animals, and NO water may be used. The actual Talent is limited to 5 minutes and will be timed at rehearsal. There is a 3-minute limit total set-up and tear down if needed for props or preparation. There will be a 1 point per judge deduction for time infractions. These deductions can ruin you in the “ordinal” system of judging, so DO NOT GO OVER THE TIME LIMIT! Contestants will be judged on Talent Ability (Lip Sync, Dance or Live Vocal), Entertainment Value, Costuming and Makeup, Sound Quality, and effectiveness of props and dancers if used. Remember, if you put props and/or dancers on the stage with you they will be judged as well.

Formal Wear:  (Worth 25 points) 

Each contestant will be judged one at a time and comparatively in a Formal Wear of their choice. It may be of any color, style, and fashion. Contestants will be judged on Formal Wear selection, fit, hair & makeup, accessories, poise, modeling ability, and general appearance. KBP will provide the music for this category. Contestants will model their Formal Wear, answer an On-Stage question, and then return to the stage for comparative judging.

On-stage Question & Answer:  (Worth 25 points) 

Immediately after showcasing their Formal Evening Wear, each contestant is required to,

A. approach the on-stage microphone to meet with the emcee, b) introduce themselves, c) pick from the random questions the emcee will provide, d) give a 1-minute response, and

e) exit the stage. Each contestant will be judged on, a) the content of their answer, b) the ability to speak readily, clearly, and effectively, and c) their stage presence.


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