Intern / Volunteer sign up sheet
Intern / Volunteer Signup Sheet

Intern for Beats4books Concepts and experience how to:

* Promote

* Market

* Advertise local musical talent.

Also help your community thrive and share information and opportunity. Help out in a TV Show, be apart of community connections and social settings.

Get help with promoting you or your friends or family. Help your community strive to rebuild and support local youth opportunity. Help bring about awareness and opportunity such as open mic, job leads, and community giving.

This internship is a volunteer position and pay is commission based. If you would like to make money or get something out of it you can as well after 90 days of showing up on time and being responsible. My projects have the backing of community leaders and political positions. There will be no slacking on the cash end of the internship. We are currently working with local promoters around the west coast area, such as West Coast Hip Hop Awards, Afton Shows and Hawthorne Theater.

We have open positions for video and camera at AFTON EVENTS and After Parties in the West Coast Area. See and We also have open positions for Photography and Social Networking, as well as other positions available based upon need. Register your skills and receive your free internship for being available to your community (just for signing up). Thank you for your time.

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Please mention your available for what semesters
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What would you like to gain from this internship
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Would you like a website to track your progress? if so what would you name it?
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Are you interested in teaming up with us?
What addition can you be to this program?
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What social networks do you use or know?
Are you comfortable speaking with other? or in a group? Example?
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Have you been a mentor before?
If so where? Please Explain
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Are you OK with calling people on the phone?
Would you like more information?
What program do you know? such as software/internet?
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Are you good with wordpress
Interns learn to promote, market, and advertise local artist are you interested in that?
Would you like to join our Video Capering Crew?
We go to local events videotape and collect interviews..
Would you like to help the community thrive to share awareness and thrive and rebuild?
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