Invent Idaho Registration for All Schools, Districts, and Individuals 2017-2018
This form is for all schools, districts and individuals to register for the 2017- 2018 Invent Idaho program. Interested in teacher training workshops? Contact us! Let's grow the Invent Idaho program! Share this registration with colleagues and parents around the State, encouraging them to participate in Invent Idaho. We value your participation in Invent Idaho!
Invent Idaho 2017-2018
Name of Primary Contact
This person will disseminate Invent Idaho information to teachers and students.Primary contact person will be responsible for sending names of winners attending district events to their Regional Coordinators and ensuring that all participants have signed media waivers.
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Home base school for primary contact person.
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District Name and Number
District in which primary contact person is located.
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Phone Number and Area Code
Contact person's email address that you will check for Invent Idaho information.
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Contact Person's Email Address
Type the email at which you check regularly and would like to receive Invent Idaho communication.
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Confirm Contact Person's Email
Please retype the same email address here.
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Regional Event Your Students Will Attend
Choose only one. North Idaho Regional=Coeur d' Alene; Southwestern Regional= Boise; Southeastern Regional=Idaho State University in Pocatello.
Type of Participation
School=$25 for 20 projects. Note: please check with other schools in your district; if more than 3 schools are participating from same district, they must enter as a district, not as individual schools; DISTRICT= $60 for 45 projects; INDIVIDUAL ENTRY=$10. Note: Students may ONLY enter as individual if their school is not participating or if home school. Fee covers your winners through state. These levels are applicable for grades 1-8. If you would also like to include your high school grades 9-12 please add $20 to your total (3 high school projects may be sent to Regionals).
Participating districts, schools, and individuals are kindly asked to provide the name and email for 1- 3 volunteers to assist at your Regional events.
Your answer
Please send check or purchase order payable to: INVENT IDAHO and mail to: INVENT IDAHO c/o Beth Brubaker 15612 N. Boot Hill Rd. Hayden Lake, ID 83835 by DECEMBER 15, 2016. Remember to add $20 to your total if including high school. Please indicate high school on your check or purchase order.
I Cubed Challenge Participation
INSPIRE! IGNITE! INVENT! Please indicate if you will participate in the I Cubed Challenge for 2018. Visit for further information on this national on-line competition. 2018 Theme: "Well Being". Parents must register their own children. Teachers simply provide the information to parents.
Additional Participation
Invent Idaho is seeking passionate program trainers. Please indicate below if you would be interested in receiving training to become an Invent Idaho teacher trainer.
Media Release
Electronic or paper parent signature will be required from each parent (including all team members) at the district level. Use this wording when contacting parents: I give permission for my child's name, photo, and/or description of invention to be used by the media (including but not limited to newspapers and television). NO PHYSICAL HOME ADDRESSES WILL EVER BE GIVEN OUT. I understand that no monetary compensation will ever be due to my child or my family for any such publication, including use in book form if published. Your email and phone number will never be sold. They may be provided to the university or sponsors solely for funding or marketing purposes. Note that patent law has changed to "first to file" status. Consider a Provisional Patent. Further information: Students without Media Release potentially may not be called on stage, although they may still receive their award off stage.
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