This is a quick checklist that will help you determine to what extent you repress -or not- your anger. Of course, repressing your anger is often as bad as letting out in an impulsive, destructive way.
Choose a score between 1 and 5, taking into consideration that:
1=That's not what I do at all.
2=I do that only once in a great while.
3=I do it fairly often.
4=I do it a lot.
5=I do it all the time.
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1. When I feel really angry with someone I don't say anything.
2. I don't show my anger because I don't want to hurt someone's feelings.
3. I am afraid others will be angry with me if I am angry with them.
4. I indirectly let people know I am angry by pouting, sulking, going silent, etc.
5. I tell myself I shouldn't become angry (even when most people would be angry) about something someone has done or said.
6. I stuff my anger and get headaches, a stiff neck, stomachaches, etc.
7. I handle conflict more by giving in or avoiding problems, rather than negotiating or clearly stating what I want.
8. I feel very responsible for others even when I'm angry with them.
9. I put on a good front by smiling and looking happy even when I'm upset.
10. I don't generally share any of my feelings, including anger.
11. I feel guilty or shameful whenever I become angry, no matter how justified my anger could be.
12. I become so angry with myself that I call myself ugly names or even physically hurt myself.
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