Heart of Dark 2020 - Mentorship application
This is to apply and determine your fit to the upcoming mentorship which will run from March Equinox until September Equinox 2020.

It will include in depth education and practices to speed up your soul's evolution and ability to hold purpose and power - in alignment with Body, Heart, Soul and Spirit of the whole.
There will be (recorded) group sessions as well as individual guidance and follow up.

I combine and present an array of approaches from quantum science and somatic psychology, of trans-himalayan and hermetic mystery school teachings and anchor these through guidance into embodied practice.

I want you to also be inquisitive and find the best method for YOU.
As a mentor, I give you all the tools I have access to and encourage you to ask questions, go deeper and live in your essential authentic nature.

The core values for me are Truth, Love and Wisdom
(which for me is an art of listening and creating - both the ability to attune to others and to produce resonance with anything in the world).

To begin, please answer the following questions as chaotic, truthful and concise as you wish.

Please bear in mind that I will base the group somewhat on synergy and the ability to resonate with the others (be on a similar phase of evolution).

I will also conduct a small interview call.
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Birth time and place (if I haven't done your astrology chart):
WHY are you interested in this program? WHAT are you hoping to get out of it?
What are your preferred ways of learning new concepts?
What is the level of your previous knowledge of quantum physics
I am scared of quarks
I am an astrophysicist
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What is your previous knowledge of esoteric spirituality?
these words fascinate me... is it tantra?
I have read The Treatise on White Magic
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My relationship to my own body (*I know this is more complex, but I am attempting to get an idea of where you are at in terms of embodiment)
I have health/body image issues and/or I feel disconnected from my body
I am a dancer/bodyworker - I have insight into every cell of my being
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What paths of Spirit have you explored?
Anything else you want to mention about the above...
What are you interested in learning the most?
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