Device Protection Purchase Information
Pre-K through Grade 4: $10 iPad Protection Plan
Grades 5-6 & 9-12: $20 Chromebook Protection Plan
Grades 7 & 8: $40 MacBook Air Laptop Protection Plan

This Protection Plan will cover your school issued device for the upcoming school year.
Please Note: This is for "accidental" damage. It does NOT cover intentional or malicious damage.
This plan works in the following way:
**1st damage incident--families are responsible for a 20% deductible (20% of the repair or replacement cost).
**2nd incident of damage--families are responsible for a 50% deductible (50% of the repair or replacement cost).
**3rd and further incidents of damage--families are responsible for the full repair or replacement cost.
**If a student/family chooses NOT to purchase device protection, the family is responsible for the full cost of any repair needed to the device, up to and including device replacement cost.

**The use of school issued devices and all school apps and accounts are subject to all district policies regarding technology use on or off of school property. These policies can be found on the district website as follows:
IJNDB—Student Use of School-Issued Computers, Devices and Internet and Cyber Safety
IJNDB-R—Student Computer/Device and Internet Use Rules
JICIA—Weapons, Violence, and School Safety

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