Please complete the below if you are applying for a Mask Tree Start Up Pack. By submitting this application you agree to have read and agree to The Terms (

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If you are a Community Group please include the name of your group, and the full name of the individual who will be the main point of contact, and signing the agreement on your behalf
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This information will only be used to contact you regarding your application, it will not be used, or shared for any other purpose
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Please include the full address of your desired location to host your tree. We are looking to spread the trees throughout Wiltshire. Therefore if we have more applications than packs available, we will use the location as a deciding factor to ensure we have a spread across the county.
Pop-up / Permanent Tree *
Are you looking to host a pop-up tree (that is only up at certain times of the day/week) or a permanent tree?
If you have any further comments you wish to add to your application, please feel free to use this space to leave them.
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