Survey - call for a research position
After closing each call for a research position, please fill in a short questionnaire. This survey is aimed at securing Open-Transparent-Merit-based Recruitment for all research positions at our Institute, and keeping the award "HR Excellence in Research" given by the European Commission.
How many external candidates (i.e. from outside of the Institute) applied for the position? *
How many researchers from abroad applied for the position? *
How many candidates from underrepresented groups applied for the position (e.g. women, seniors, people with deviations from chronology in a scientific career, people with disabilities)? *
How attractive working conditions were offered under the competition? *
least attractive
most attractive
How suitable for the position were the candidates who answered the call (if nobody answered the call, insert 1)? *
not suitable at all
most suitable
How many candidates met formal requirements of the competition? *
Did the announcement of the competition contain information such as: *
organisation and recruiting unit
job title, specifications and starting date
researcher career profiles (R1-R4) with the respective 'required' and 'desirable' competencies
selection criteria, including knowledge and professional experience
number of available positions
working conditions, workplace, entitlements (salary, other benefits, etc.), type of contract
professional development opportunities at IPC
career development prospects (for the future)
the application procedure and deadline
a reference to the Institutes rules governing competitions for a research postitions
a reference to the institution's employment policy
contact details
Was the job advert posted on EURAXESS? *
Was the job advert posted on other websites? If so, name them.
Did you make use of other job advertising tools (other than the abovementioned)? If so, indicate them.
Were the candidates asked only for documents which were necessary to assess their applications? *
What was the composition of the selection committee? Were the following persons involved: *
external experts
international experts
persons with differentiated experience
jointly persons from business & academia
Please indicate the ratio of women to men in your selection committee (decimal fraction with dot, e.g. 0.33). *
Were all applicants informed about the end of the recruitment process (or will be informed as soon as possible)? *
Did you provide (or will you provide as soon as possible) an adequate feedback to interviewees? *
How many candidates filed a complaint? *
Do the rules governing competitions for research postitions at the Institute need any improvements to serve their objective? If so, please comment on that.
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