Artisans Village Sign-up for Bryn Gwlad 40th
Welcome to the sign-up form for the Artisans' Village at Bryn Gwlad's 40th Anniversary, on September 6-8, 2019, in the Village of Castleton (7400 Coldwater Canyon Dr., Austin, TX 78730)! This is a chance for you to set up a working "booth/space" along to edge of our Roman Forum, for you to create, instruct, demonstrate, and/or sell your craft.
Note: There is a different contact for Class & Merchant coordination - but we are all talking.
- Please let the class coordinator know if you want a class on the site schedule.
- Please let the Merchant Coordinator know if you plan to sell your wares.
To assign you a space in the forum, we need to ask a few questions.
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SCA Name, with title (if appropriate) *
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Other Artisans/apprentices co-organizing this area with you
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Phone Number
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Workshop info
Imagine you are setting up shop in the Roman Forum/open market. How would you advertise, to draw people in, or attract patrons? You may put up medieval-appropriate "ads" along the roads. Or donate a painted sheet wall panel, for us to use somewhere on site. (Width & Length: approx 40" by 35-40" or ½ a twin bedsheet.)
Workshop Name (e.g. Willoc's Dyeworkes) *
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Description of your workshop, appropriate for publishing.
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What type of workshop is this? (You can pick more than one) *
What is your planned Arrival/Setup time? (Note: Preference is setup on Friday) *
What is your planned Open time, for your public activities? *
What is your planned Teardown Time? (Note: preference is Sunday morning.) *
Land/Utilities Needs
We are trying to create a medieval atmosphere area. Therefore, your area should have at least an attempt at a medieval atmosphere. Bonus points if you make it suitably Roman - or Outlander barbarian visiting Rome. If you need camping space in our "modern alley", make an attempt to hide it from view with at least a sheet wall.
What size tent/booth/sunshade/fly are you bringing? (footprint, not including ropes) Please list front-facing side dimension first (e.g. 10ft x 20ft if you want 10ft along walkway.) *
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What is the minimum size area you need for your workshop? (tent + ropes + special, such as fire pit).
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Do you need camp space with your workshop?
What utilities do you need?
Misc Details: Anything else you need to tell us, or need to know?
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A picture is worth a thousand words. You may send me a picture of your setup. (
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