Sugaring Brooklyn Sugar Fund Application
The Sugar Fund is a fund that both Sugaring Brooklyn and our customers donate to in order to make Sugaring services more accessible for folks who can’t afford them. Many of our trans and or disabled clients require hair removal services to exist in the world comfortably, and we like to be able to provide those services to them regardless of income. We ask our clients who pay full price if they’d like to contribute, and our ownership donates 10% of every week’s profit to the fund. This fund can pay for 25% to 75% of services for folks in need.

The Sugar Fund is for folks of marginalized communities who make or hover at the poverty markers of our region. This includes but is not limited to: People of Color, LGBTQ, fat folks, disabled folks, sex workers, and folks for which these identities intersect. We ask that if you do not identify as a part of any of these groups, or if you do and make/earn/receive over $35,000 per year that you do not ask to access the Sugar Fund.

If you have questions about this form, or need phone assistance in filling it out, please email and we will accommodate you as quickly as possible.
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