US History Homework Lessons # 1-3
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1. Go to Lesson #1 in the notes to find the answers to the next 3 questions. Read the quote by Alexis de Tocqueville, what does the word Deity mean?
2. In the Four periods of World History which age do we live in today?
3. Native Americans had no knowledge of the wheel or _________.
4. Native American Indians depended upon the __________ for meat, clothing, shelter, tools.
5. Now go to lesson #2. Who was the prince from Portugal that started a school for sea captains?
6. Columbus persuaded the Spanish king and queen, Ferdinand and ______________ to sponsor the voyage.
7 Now go to lesson # 3 When did feudalism dominate Western Europe? *
8 Lords of the castles lived ______________, while serfs (peasants) struggled for food and clothing. *
9 In feudalism social class depended upon ______ *
10 During the middle ages a distorted Christianity dominated Europe called: *
11 Crusades were Holy Wars between Christendom and _______ from A.D. 1100 - 1300 *
12 Crusades were a failure but they gave rise to the Middle Class and revived European trade searched for spices like *
13. Middle Class bridged the gap between Lords and peasants was made up of ____. Choose all that apply. *
14. Feudal Europe was also known as the Dark Ages. Eventually Europeans rediscovered learning, this became known as... *
15. This revival of learning revived classical literature, art, scientific ideas of ancient Greece & Rome and new navigational inventions which led to *
16. Martin Luther brought revival of Christianity to Europe known as. *
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