Earth Warriors Recruits 2019!
The Earth Warriors are looking for recruits to fight the War on Waste over the festival season 2019-20.

We all know how trash can take over at festivals - and that's why we want YOU to join our elite force to intervene.

The Role:
As an Earth Warrior you will perform between 12-16 hours of shifts during the event. You will wear a costume and form part of a platoon whose duties include public parades, dance-floor cleanups, patrolling the campsites for stray litter, and helping patrons keep their campsite clean.

What makes an Earth Warrior? Someone who is:
> Passionate about keeping Earth beautiful and free of trash
> Able to encourage people to clean up in a playful, non-offensive way
> Good at working in teams and showing up on time - and sober - to shifts
> Not afraid to challenge disrespectfully trashy behaviour, and willing to jump in and lead by example

These are rewarding activities by themselves, but there's also the added bonus of a volunteer ticket to the festival.
Sign up for a call with our recruitment officer to get drafted and join a campaign. Before the event you'll complete an online induction, meet your platoon, learn all about being an Earth Warrior and prepare for battle.

We're gonna Keep it Klean.- Oorah!

For more info about the Earth Warriors check out:
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How do you fight the War on Waste? *
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Have you had much performance experience? *
(Note: The Earth Warriors involves some improvised character work... but as long as you're willing to give it a go and trust your team, it's not too scary)
Can you bring your own costume - or would you need to borrow one from HQ? *
• Army shirts and pants: CAMOFLAGE BOTTOMS and DARK GREEN TOPS - long pants or shorts acceptable. • Sweet reflective aviators (ray-ban style) • Water Bottle or Camelbak • Satchel carry bag - green or military style is good • Boots • Sunscreen / hay fever tablets / dust mask
At which events do you wish to protect the Earth?
We group our recruits into Platoons of 4-6 people. If you're applying with friends, please list the people you would like to be in a platoon with.
I'm ready to fight the good fight and protect the Earth from trash! *
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