Application form for hosting an JBW2024 side events at Tokyo
Thank you for your interest in holding a side event at JBW2024. 

If you are considering or planning to hold an IVS official Side Event, please fill in the necessary information through this form. JNW2024 will aggregate information, post it on the official website, and provide information to guests.

If you have any questions regarding hosting a side events, please contact us via this form.

Inquiries for Side event:

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Email *
Name of person in charge (full name) / ご担当者のお名前(フルネーム) 
Contact phone number 連絡先電話番号
Facebook or LinkedIn URL
Please tell us about the progress of side event planning. / サイドイベント企画の進捗について教えてください。
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Side event name  / サイドイベント名称
Please provide the official title of the event. If you have not decided yet, please write (tentative).
The name of organization holding the side event (Company name, Organization, etc.)   主催する団体名(社名・団体等)
URL with the organizer's profile (Leave blank if not available.) / 主催者のプロフィールがわかるURL(なければ空欄)
Event date / 開催日
Please only provide if the event date has been determined. If there are multiple dates, please indicate in the 'Event Overview' section below. If the date is undecided, please leave it blank and specify desired dates in the 'Event Overview' section.
Start time / 開始時間
Please only provide if the start time has been determined. If undecided, please leave it blank and specify desired time in the 'Event Overview' section.
End time / 終了時間 
Please only provide if the end time has been determined. If undecided, please leave it blank and specify the planned time in the 'Event Overview' section. 
Venue / 開催場所
To provide guidance to guests, please inform us of the event venue. If you prefer not to disclose location information publicly, please indicate so. 
Event Overview / イベント概要
Event type / イベント種別
Expected number of participants / 参加予定人数
Is that side event invitation-only? / そのサイドイベントは招待制ですか?
What is the target attendee for this event? / このイベントのターゲットは誰ですか?
Is there a charge for the event? Is it free? / そのイベントは有料ですか?無料ですか?
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Please provide the event introduction page and URL. / イベントの紹介ページ、URLをご記入ください。

Please provide the event page URL, Twitter announcement URL, or any relevant links. If not available, please provide the URL of the organizing company or community website, and indicate in the last comment box how event promotion will be conducted. 

Please agree to the following before applying for a JBW  Side Event approved by JBW and check the box if you agree. / JBWサイドイベントに下記を同意した上で申込みをします。同意の場合はチェックをお願いします。

I have agreed that there will be a hearing and review on the JBW team for recognition. In addition, official recognition may not be possible due to the review of JBW standards. In addition, we agree not to disclose the criteria and reasons for judgment.

JBW assumes no responsibility for side events. We confirm that all responsibilities and damages incurred during planning, holding, and execution are the responsibility of the side event organizer. In addition, the side event organizer promises to resolve any problems caused by participants.

JBW will provide side event information to participants, but it does not guarantee attendance.

Please confirm that the contents of the plan are as follows. 
Items not related to anti-social forces. Items that comply with the law and do not violate public morals.No forcible or long-term malicious solicitation related to religion, politics, business, etc. One that respects diversity, including race and gender, and environmental sustainability.




May this event information be released immediately? / このイベント情報はすぐに公開して良いですか?
Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to share or discuss. / その他共有事項や運営へのご相談事項をご記入ください。
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