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Take A Saint To Work Day: Alumni Host Form
Alumni, please fill out this form if you are interested in hosting an Aquinas student at your place of employment. The Take A Saint To Work Day will be piloted during AQ's Spring Break (March 6-March 10). We are looking for energetic alumni who are willing to share your vocation, passion, and story with one of our students! The goals of the program are:

1.) To connect AQ alumni and current students, opening the door for future mentoring, internships, or job shadows.
2.) To expose students to various careers and vocations and answer the question, "What can I do with this major?"
3.) To give a real world snapshot of various workplaces, both in physical space, culture, and mission.

Activities you may wish to consider: a "behind-the-scenes" tour; 15 minute informational interview rotations with others in your company; taking the student out for lunch or to the cafeteria on-site; meetings with clients or co-workers; review of your calendar, demonstrating what you do on a weekly basis; and or provide feedback on the student's resume & LinkedIn page. You may wish that the students sign a confidentiality agreement. It is the responsibility of the alumni host to complete any necessary paperwork that your organization may require and to obtain permission from your supervisor/organization to host the student.

Students will be screened and required to attend an orientation session. If we find a great match for you, we will email you by February 24 with the student's information.

Any questions? Please contact me:

Brigid Avery
Associate Director, Career Services
616.632.2494 |

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