Country Tracker: COVID-19 Response and Alternative Care
This form is being shared on behalf of an Inter-agency Task Force of practitioners specialized in child protection and care. It was developed to support country level actors to share information about what is happening in relation to COVID-19 and care in your country and to access information about what is happening in other countries. Please use the form below to describe any challenges/issues you are facing in particular so we can better track what kind of technical support need there might be in this fast changing situation. If you do not want to be identified, please write "anon" in the name field.

PLEASE NOTE: When you submit your the form you will have an option to click a link to edit your submission. You can copy and save that link to update your submission in the future as the situation in your context changes.

For technical guidance on COVID-19 and care, please consult the Technical Note developed by the Inter-agency Task Force entitled "Protection of Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic Children and Alternative Care," which can be accessed here:

A table containing all responses received can be accessed here:

Please note that due to the GDPR, email addresses cannot be shared through the table of responses. If you would like to be put in contact with others in your country, please email such requests to
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In response to Covid-19, has the government issued any new policies/guidance or launched programmes specifically focusing on children without parental/family care (check all that apply)?
If you highlighted new polices, guidance, programmes or informal exchanges with relevant authorities in the previous question, please explain and share a link if available.
What steps are being taken to strengthen gatekeeping to ensure that children are not unnecessarily separated from their families?
Are any steps being taken to avoid placement of children in residential care, and how are residential facilities being currently managed?
What are the main concerns for foster-care and kinship care, and what specific steps are being taken to support these caregivers and children to deal with the current situation?
Please describe specific contexts/issues faced in the provision of care for particularly at risk groups of children and young people (for example children with disabilities, children on the move, care leavers and so on) in your country as a result of the pandemic.
How are communities responding to the risk of family separation and to the situation of children in alternative care?
Please provide examples of local community initiatives to address the risk of family separation and the situation of children in need of alternative care that we can learn from.
What changes are you seeing in the social welfare workforce, in terms of staffing levels and ways of working?
What are some of the mental health issues that are affecting children and their caregivers in the current context? Please describe any intervention services being developed/delivered to address this specifically.
If there is data available on the number of children in residential care facilities and there are updates on those figures in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, please provide those figures and include sources and dates.
Are there any other challenges or solutions from your country context that you would like to share?
Is there any technical support or guidance which you feel is needed at this stage? Please explain.
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