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Hey there! My name is Beth and I'm here to help take the confusion out of content creation!

If you are here you have probably been struggling with how to make an impact with your business online or you have the good ol' paralysis by analysis and are too confused, scared and unsure of what to post.

I'm here to get you out of your content rut by giving you the tools you need to actually start growing your business online.

By the end of this lab, you will have a better understanding of your brand identity, the content you need to be sharing, how to plan and execute a professional photoshoot and you'll know what to do with the photos once you have them.

Don't keep waiting to find the perfect thing to post. Develop the mindset, the focus and then apply the tools to start sharing your brand story online with authenticity and clarity.


What you can expect from The Content Lab

This course is designed to walk you through the process of creating well branded, authentic and engaging content for your business. Everything from developing your brand messaging, creating an aesthetic, knowing what type of content your industry requires, how to plan for a content shoot, and what to do with the content once you get it!

This Project is for you if...

- You struggle to post on your social media pages out of fear that you'll post the wrong thing

- You are struggling to create engagement with your online community

- You're not sure how to sell your product or service online

- You are ready to take control of your content

- You are tired of wasting money on Photoshoots and getting images that are pretty but add no value to your business.

Below is the application to join The Content Lab. This is a 90-day lab that includes practical exercises to help you create content right away, bi-weekly one on one calls with me to keep the creativity flowing and access to exclusive video training from experts in Marketing, Social Media Strategies, Photography, and Styling that will dramatically change your business.

If you are motivated and excited to take the next step to achieve your goals and you aren't afraid of a little hard work, then this is for you. This lab will provide you with all the tools, resources, coaches, and accountability you need to create some KICK-ASS content for your business!
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I'm not gonna lie, this is an investment for your business, but we all know content is crucial for any successful business in 2019. For less then the cost of a professional photo shoot you will get access to actionable information from experts in their field, tools to help you plan and execute professional quality content, and the confidence to know what to post to create powerful value and engagement for your audience.

So dont keep waiting for the right time! This is it! Let's Get Creative!
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