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There are people who don't need loans and they buy real estate with cash all the time. If you happen to be one of those people and would like us to include you on the emails we send out on properties we have on contract that are far below market value just fill out the form below. You might also be a Private Lender also know as a Note Buyer or you might have an IRA you would like to get a good return on or just some cash in a saving account so fill that out too. Watch the YouTube video and look over our Investor page to see the details on becoming a Joint Venture Partner or have us just assign a contract to you and the property is yours. If you have no cash to invest at this time and you are just starting off and want to be a Locator fill out the form and we will have you join our FREE training.
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If you are a Private Lender - Note Buyer - or have saving or IRA funds to lend
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