SoFIA Fellows Application
Thank you for your interest in applying to become a SoFIA Fellow. Please follow these three steps:

1) Please fill out the below information (in one sitting as you cannot save) and hit the submit button.

2) You will then receive a phone call from Rhonda Banker, the Sofia Fellows Program Manager, who will walk you through the program and collect the $50 application fee.

3) If you are admitted, she will then follow-up to collect the full enrollment fee of $300. There is a scholarship for the full amount for those that qualify.

If you have any questions, call Rhonda Banker, Program Manager at 9544847117 ext 102 or email Rhonda at
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SoFIA Fellows provides a limited number of grants to cover the cost of the $50 application fee and $250 tuition to those older workers that fall below the 200% Federal poverty line. If you are applying to cover the cost of the enrollment fee, please email proof of your income (example, SSI, Social Security, etc). You can email a copy or picture of it to Rhonda Banker If you would like to be considered for this grant, please tell us your monthly income: *
Please summarize your work history below. You may also send us a copy of your resume to *
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By submitting this application you agree to pay a $50.00 non-refundable application fee to SoFIA Fellows. If you are accepted, you will then be billed $250 for the tuition, which can be paid to SoFIA in installments. The application fee will only be refunded if you receive a SoFIA Fellows grant (details in the application). You have until October 7, 2019 to cancel to receive 100% refund of your $250 enrollment fee only. You will only receive 50% refund of your enrollment fee if you choose to cancel after October 31, 2019. To cancel, you must call 9544847117 ext 102 or Rhonda Banker at All refunds will be paid in the form of the original payment within 15 business days of notice. *
Thank you for applying!
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