Air Coordination Group - Drone Network Application
UAS Operators interested in participating in the Air Coordination Group ("ACG") Drone Network must submit this application.  
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Please choose a category *
Choose "Official Duty" if you will be acting withing the scope of your employment while responding to mission requests. This usually means 'on-the-clock' time, but it is understood that some agencies may have different arrangements.
Your Name *
Each flight team member must submit a separate form.
Agency Name *
Home Base *
Even if you cover statewide, please list the location you work out of.
Email address *
Please list an email address where you'd like to receive notifications.
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Supervisor Name
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What will be your primary flight team role? *
Please select your highest level of training capability. I.e. if you are a certificated PIC please select that, even if you're also available to fill other roles.  
Dispatches are currently being sent by WEM regions. Please select which regions you would like to receive notification for.
Type of UAS airframe you operate, if applicable
E.g. Inspire 1, Phantom 4
Types of sensors / options you have
E.g. Daylight camera, FLIR, zoom, payload drop system, etc.
Types of back-end data processing you have available
E.g. Pix4D, Drone Mapper, rapid mosaic imaging, etc.
If you are a certified PIC, please select your credential *
Please list your Remote Pilot Certificate # if applicable
Please list your agency's COA # if applicable
Do you have liability insurance for your UAS operations?
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Choose the FEMA ICS/NIMS courses you've completed. *
ICS 100, 200, 700, 800 are all FREE and provided online by FEMA.  Please visit this link to take the courses or for more information.
Please list any waivers or authorizations you've been granted by the FAA.
Will there be a fee for your services for life/safety missions? *
Describe your level of UAS experience *
Pilots- include any formalized training you've had, groups or associations you're part of, and an estimate of your number of airtime hours broken into daytime operations and nighttime operations. Non-pilots (Safety Officer, VO, Maintenance) -please include any training you've had or an estimate of the number of missions you've participated it.  
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