Dunn and Pepin County Nonprofit Survey
United Way of Dunn County and the Community Foundation of Dunn County are partnering to respond to the impact of Covid-19 on nonprofits and the community we all serve.  Although we may both have Dunn in our names, this includes our southern neighbors of Pepin County.

United Way has activated it's Disaster Relief Fund at the Community Foundation to respond directly and immediately to those nonprofits on the front lines of this emergency. If you are a nonprofit or other community organization engaging in immediate basic needs relief and need financial support now, please contact the United Way of Dunn County.

YOUR United Way and YOUR Community Foundation stand by to serve you. We are glad to see so many communities coming together during this time. We need and respect your voices as we prepare our response. To help us gain a better understanding of the community needs, we kindly ask for your help in gathering information.  

Please review the following questions and respond with any information you can share to help us understand local impact.  While this situation is constantly evolving, please share this request with any additional nonprofits that you feel are appropriate. Please share openly and honestly at this time so that we can move forward with the best information. The results will only be shared in aggregate.
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Organizations main mission (e.g. arts, shelter, youth, veterans):
Are you a 501c3?
What is the impact that the current COVID-19 situation is having on your organization? *
What are your top 3 greatest needs right now: *
How urgent is your current financial need due to COVID-19?  
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If you were granted immediate rapid relief funds from the United Way’s Disaster Fund, what is the minimum amount you would need granted in order for it to be effective?
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If you are an organization not giving immediate relief to individuals and families in need today,  what is the minimum amount you would need granted in the the next 60 days order for it to be effective?
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Based on your knowledge of your organization, it's needs and resources, AND your CURRENT knowledge of these response funds being set up around the country, do you think they are a good idea for your organization/ your community and what input do you have for us? *
What non-monetary ways could we/the community help you during this difficult time?
Please share any resources or information that you believe will assist other nonprofits if you have any.
Please share any additional comments or questions that you may have.
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Responses to these questions are intended for aggregate use.  Individual responses will be not be shared outside our organizations and will not be used to determine current or future funding.
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