Desk Copy Request Form (for 2021)
To the Admin Manager or Subject Head of Dept:

Thank you very much for your support of Teachers' Production!

For auditing purposes, and to facilitate the speedy delivery of desk copies to your school, please submit this form.

We provide ONE complimentary desk copy of the adopted title(s) per adopting class, with a minimum of 25 students per class. Should the school require additional copies, they can be purchased directly from us and then e-invoiced to the school.

Important: For requests submitted after 15th November 2020, we still provide complimentary desk copies, but delivery will no longer be free. It will cost $10 per trip. Please consolidate your requests accordingly.

In view of environmental concerns, we urge teachers not to request for new desk copies if their copies from the previous year are still usable. This also helps us to keep prices low. Thank you!

Shuang Shuang
Publishing Manager, Teachers' Production

NOTE: This form is for schools who have already adopted our titles for use in class, and require copies for teachers' use. For "samples" (applicable to MOE school only), please drop us an email at instead.
Name of School: *
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Requester's Full Name *
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This improves our chances of ensuring that the parcel reaches the correct person.
Requester's email address *
This allows us to communicate with you in case we need to clarify anything about your request.
Requester's mobile number *
This allows us or our delivery vendors to get in touch with you if necessary regarding delivery.
Please write down all the titles you need desk copies for and the number of adopting classes (min of 25 students per class). *
Example: P1 Language Usage Booklet 1 x 8 classes
Additional Copies?
If additional copies are required, please specify how many you need and for which titles. These will be e-invoiced to your school.
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Please consolidate your desk copy requests (with other levels, other subjects etc) to save on delivery fees.
Remarks / Comments
Please add in any remarks or instructions (if applicable).
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