Melnik Productions Wedding Reception Planner
Please use this form to submit your music requests and specify desired formalities. Upon completion of this form, Sean Melnik will reach out to you to schedule a final consultation.
Full married name of Bride and Groom: *
This is how you will be referred to throughout the reception.
Reception Date *
Reception Start Time *
Reception End Time *
DJ will play the last song of the reception 5-10 minutes beforehand to clear dance floor and make closing remarks. Music stopping is subject to venue rules, some venues require music to stop before end time.
Reception Banquet Hall/Venue *
Contact Person at Venue for the day of reception: *
Contact telephone number the contact person can be reached at: *
Any special setup instructions for the DJ:
Are you having a receiving line? *
Are you having a cocktail hour? *
Dinner Setting *
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Blessing before dinner *
If a blessing is said, who will be giving it?
Please specify who is giving the blessing and where they would like to give it from, their seat or they can come to the DJ table.
Dinner/cocktail music requests
Dinner is complimented with soft rock, easy listening, old time classics, and jazz. Volume is kept low and conversational. If you have any specific requests or genres you would like played during dinner or cocktail, please specify them below. This is a good opportunity to play music you want to hear but is not something you like to dance to.
Would you like to have the wedding party introduction? *
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