MFA Coaching Course Level 1
This national level coaching course is aim to equip all existing coaches in Malaysia to plan, conduct and execute proper and detailed training sessions for all levels. We believe that a strong foundation in coaching knowledge will contribute in the growth of Floorball in Malaysia. We encourage all existing coaches who are involve in some basic form of coaching or those who aspire to coach in the near future to sign up for this course.

The MFA Coaching Course Level 1 will be conducted by Mr Saravanan (SGP) who is an International Floorball Federation (IFF) certified instructor. He is also an IFF Level 2 coach who has a vast experience with the Singapore National Team where his boys were champions for SEA Games 2015 played in Singapore. He is currently in charge of the youth development program in Singapore.

Course Syllabus Includes:

Leadership Theory Within Sports
Player Roles
Basic Technical Skills In Floorball
Shooting, Passing and Protecting the Ball
Practical Lesson on Basic Skill
Group Dynamic and Team Building
Leading a Team during Game
Floorball Tactical, Practical and Game
Game Analysis
Basic Game Play Opening
Power Play
Training Planning
And many more.....
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