West TN FLL CHALLENGE Events 2020-2021
General Information about this year's season:
There will be no Qualifiers!
There will be one Scrimmage (highly recommend all teams participate!)
There will be the Championship

All events this year will be virtual online with video conferencing!!!
Robot Rounds/Table Scoring
Robot Rounds will be pre-recorded videos that are submitted and scored by a referee. No interactions with teams.

More instructions will be provided as we get closer!!!
Judging has changed!
Judging this year has changed to "consolidated judging".
A team will be judged for Innovation Project, Robot Design, and Core Values in one session.
Basically instead of each team having 3 judging sessions, it is now one judging session that is about 45 minutes long.

Judging will be online via video conferencing software this year. Teams will interact with judges online.
Instead of the teams doing their innovation project and robot design live, teams will submit a pre-recorded 5-minute video for innovation project AND a pre-recorded 5-minute video for robot design. These videos will be played during the judging session when the team would normally do these live.

More instructions/details will be provided as we get closer!!!
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