2020-2021 Coker Housing Agreement
This is an Occupancy Agreement made by and between the student whose name appears on the statement of confirmation of this agreement ("Student") and Coker University ("Coker"). It grants to the Student permission to occupy a residential space on campus for a specific period of time. This Agreement is not a lease. The Student is not a tenant. Living in campus housing is a privilege that is part of the overall educational experience provided by the university. Students who live on campus are expected to make a commitment to contribute positively to the campus community by abiding by the responsibilities outlined in this Agreement and all associated guidelines and policies. Signing this Agreement is a prerequisite to living on campus. All full-time, undergraduate, degree-seeking, unmarried, day students are eligible to live in campus housing (without children residing with them). Coker University requires all full-time, undergraduate day students with fewer than 90 credit hours by the start of the fall semester to live in campus housing unless Student: 1) has completed 90+ credit hours by the start of the fall semester; 2) is 22 years of age or over by August 18, 2020; or 3) lives with parents, legal guardians, grandparents, or spouse residing within 30 miles of the Hartsville Campus. Coker University reserves the right to deny a student residency if housing facilities are not available or the administration determines that conditions are not favorable for either the student or the University. Students entering their first semester at Coker University who are 23 or older by August 18, 2020 are not eligible for campus housing. THIS AGREEMENT IS LEGALLY BINDING. Student will be held accountable for the information in this Agreement. Students under age 17 are not permitted to live in campus housing. Please read carefully before signing this Agreement.

For questions or concerns about the housing policy, application, or contract, contact the Office of Residence Life at (843) 383-8360 during regular business hours, Monday-Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm, or email list.reslife@coker.edu.
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