The SENIOR SERVICE DESIGNER we are looking for:
Kwiecinski Business Advisory (KBA) is a young strategic design agency ( Our mission is to make out of the New EU the most user friendly region in the world. We will do it by helping build or convert the existing user experiences, one by one, into frictionless need matching machines naturally boosting the users'​ willingness to pay.

Examples of projects to which our team members have contributed recently:
- development of a mobile services blueprint for the financial sector based on thorough research in 4 markets of the region
- prioritization of mobile banking development directions
- research and analytics based hybrid (psychographic and behavioral) segmentation of a customer portfolio to better address the latent needs.

We are currently looking for an experienced service designer to join our team in Warsaw - a person not fearing the challenge but also with an ability to hit the ground running in terms of service design. Experience of collaboration with a larger peer agency in a mature market (e.g. Designit, IDEO, frog, Fjord, Fahrenheit 212, Veryday, SmartDesign, Continuum, Lunar, Live|Work) would be a strong argument in your favor, but a solid track record of work for smaller agencies or on a freelance basis would also be great.

You would be responsible for delivering service design projects, for contributing to business development and to designing our business for the future. Recently we have focused on financial services, but we would like you to help us diversify into other fields (esp. transportation, healthcare, city as a service).

Given that Eastern EU is our target playing field, the command of one of the languages of the region (esp. Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian) would be a notable plus, while proficiency in English is a must.

We offer:
- full time engagement (with flexibility if needed),
- interesting projects (including several in the pipeline and many more ideas),
- exposure to many locations,
- potential collaborations with the best in the industry,
- no monotony - by the nature of a startup no day resembles the previous one,
- inspiring environment, both immediate (cool space and neighbors) and further (Warsaw is a regional hub and a phoenix in the process of reinventing itself),
- empowerment and impact on the development direction of the company,
- tapping into the world of opportunities together.

We review the applications on a rolling basis until we have found the right match.

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