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EARTHeim offers maintenance services on-call by the hour and through the following discounted scheduled maintenance plans.

If you are a current client of EARTHeim, who has had a design, install, or fine gardening plan in previous years, you receive an additional discount.

--- You may request a free 30 minute phone consultation to learn more about plans and determine which plan is right for you.

--- I'm also available to come and visit your garden to give you a quote. The estimate is $25 fee and acts as a deposit towards your plan. Copy the URL to fill out an estimate request. https://tinyurl.com/y87pq46f

--- Your garden will be professionally maintained with proper gardening, pruning, and mulching techniques that will keep your garden looking healthy.

--- Plans are non-refundable

--- I will send an invoice by email when I receive your form.

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Fine Gardening FAQ

When Does Maintenance Start and End?
--- You can sign up for a plan at anytime. Maintenance can begin and end at anytime of year.
--- Typical maintenance begins March/April and runs through October/November.

How Much Time is Spent per Visit?
--- Maintenance time per visit is usually 1-3 hours, depending on your plan.
--- Some visits may require more time and some less time due to weather conditions. This usually varies at the time of the year. For example, in the spring I may spend 4 hours doing maintenance, and in the fall spend 2 hours. This is because in the spring there may be more weeds to be pulled, pruning to be done, or perennials cut down. In the fall, weeds start to wind down. However, I will balance out the total amount hours in your plan across the season. If extra time is spent at maintenance visits, sometimes this cancels out the last visit. I will be in touch if this happens and we can plan accordingly to what the garden needs.
--- You may request additional hours or visits if needed.

How Much Maintenance Do I Need?
--- This will depend on your garden. How many garden beds there are, the nature of the weeds in the garden, how much pruning needs to be done, if you'll be doing in the maintenance in the garden, or how particular you are.
--- From my experience landscapes with several garden beds scattered around the property may need 3 hours or more per visit, or shorter visits more often. If you won't be doing maintenance, or if you are particular, these visits may need to be scheduled every other week.
--- A property with a few garden beds may need 2 hours per visit.
--- Gardens with just landscaping around the front of the house may only need 1 hour per visit.
--- Maintenance time may also depend how much you plan to work in the garden, or how kept up you want the garden to look.
--- A lot will depend on the nature of weed species in a garden. Bermuda grass for example, is very aggressive and difficult to remove. Weeds return a lot quicker in garden beds without adequate mulch. Sunnier gardens also tend to be more weedy. Gardens left untended for a period of time can also take more time to maintain.
--- There is a 1 hour minimum per visit.

What if my Plan Needs to Be Adjusted?
--- There is no need to worry, if I notice there is too much or too little time for maintenance, I will work with you to adjust visits accordingly.

Fine Gardening Pricing
--- I offer a reasonable rate as a professional gardening service.
--- Professional gardening services in our area ranges $50-$80 per hour.
--- My rate is $50/hr. The rate decreases to $45 or $40 based on the number of hours in your plan.

How Well is My Garden Cared For?
--- Great care is given to the garden as a whole and to each plant.
--- As I visit your garden, I learn more about it and how you like it maintained.
--- You can trust your garden and plants will be maintained in a proper way.
--- I also stay in regular communication with you about the garden and how it's doing.
--- I always show up on maintenance day and will contact you if anything changes due to weather, etc.

What If I Need to Divide the Fee Into Payments?
--- Plans can be paid in full at the beginning of the season or divided into 2 payments.
--- I offer the discounted rate since plans are prepaid at the beginning of the season and planned ahead.
--- If you would like to pay per visit, the rate of $50/hr will apply.
--- You will receive a 2% discount if payment is made in full at the beginning of the season.
--- If you choose to divide the payment, the second payment will be invoiced before the 2nd half of service begins.

What Is Done During Maintenance?
--- Weeding: Plants are pulled by hand or tool. Appropriate herbicides are used very carefully only if needed.

--- Pruning: You can count that I will prune your shrubs and trees with proper techniques. Old growth and select stems are removed to invigorate new growth, support good health, and maintain sound structure of the plant or shrub. Some perennial flowers can be pruned to shorten the plants height or deadheaded to prolong blooming.

--- General landscape cleanup, plant care, watering

--- Planting: A few perennials, annuals, or small shrubs. This includes transplanting.

--- Mulching: Small areas can be mulched (up to 8 bags at a time). For larger mulching jobs, an installation day can be scheduled.

--- Vegetable Gardening: Help setting up the vegetable garden, planting, maintenance, harvesting

--- Container Pots: Brighten up your space with container plants on your porch or patio. I also service small businesses with storefronts and landscaped beds.

--- Annual Plantings, Bulbs, & Outdoor Styling: Annual plantings can be installed spring, summer, and fall. This includes seeds, bulbs, and plants. Holiday decor may include wreaths, and other holiday decorations.

--- Fertilizing

--- Fine gardening includes nominal use of some materials such as herbicide.

---Fine gardening does not include: Installing large quantities of plants or a design, mulching large areas, tree planting, or garden coaching. You may speak with me about these additional services.

Email or call me with any questions or comments about your plan during business hours
Mon-Thurs 10am-5pm

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