ACE 私人教練證書 (廣東話課程)|ACE Personal Trainer Certification (Cantonese Course)
【由美國運動委員會 (ACE) 教育伙伴 Fitness Academy Asia 主辦|Organised by ACE Education Partner - FAA】

【課程資科 Course Details】
📅 課程日期 Date: Feb 21, 28 | Mar 7, 14, 21, 28 | Apr 11, 18, 25 (共9堂|逢星期日 Every Sunday)
⏰ 上課時間 Time:9am ~ 12nn & 1pm ~ 4pm
🏫 上課地點 Venue: M48 Wellness Lab 旺角太子道西 190號 1&2樓
⏱ 課程時數 Duration:共54小時 (36小時理論 + 18小時實習 Total 54 hrs (36hrs Theory + 18hrs Practical)
🧑🏻‍🏫 授課模式 Teaching mode:理論與實習課堂均以面授上課 Face-to-face
🗣 授課語言 Language:廣東話(輔以英文)Cantonese (Supplemented in English)
📚 授課教材 Teaching materials:FAA 提供中文教材及模擬卷 Chinese Textbook & Mock Papers Provided by FAA
💵 課程費用 Fee: HK$9,000 (包括 教材及考試費用 Including Textbook and Exam fees)

【五大課程範疇 Course Outline】
1️⃣ 體適能相關的基礎知識(人體解剖學/運動生理學/應用肌動學基礎/營養基礎/訓練生理學)
2️⃣ ACE綜合體適能訓練模型(ACE IFT®️)
3️⃣ 私人教練的角色與職業範圍
4️⃣ 傷害預防和急救
5️⃣ 商業策略和法律準則

【獨家優勢 Exclusive Advantage】
👑 國際認可教練認證 Internationally Recognised Personal Training Certification
👑 全球四大健身證照 Top 4 Leading Personal Training Certificate in World
👑 全港獨家18小時實習教學 18 Hours of Practical Training Included in the Course Curriculum

【ACE 私人教練證書要求 Certification Fulfilment 】
✅ 出席率達75%或以上 75% Or Above Attendance Rate
✅ 考試中理論與實習課程獲得70%合格成績 70% Passing Score On The Exam

【報名條件 Enrolment Criteria】
最少有一年健身經驗 / 已持有健身教練牌 / 正在健身教練行業中
Candidates must have at least 1 year of Gym Experience / Possess Locally Issued certificate(s) in Personal Training / Currently working in the capacity of a Gym Instructor

【聯絡我們 Contact us】
Tel / WhatsApp: 9440 6064 / 5540 1516

*課程安排視乎疫症情況再作調整 Course Arrangement will be Adjusted According to the current Epidemic Situation
*20人小班教學名額先到先得 Small Class of 20 pax - on a First-come-first-served Basis
*除非 FAA 取消課程,否則不會退款 There will be no refund unless the course is cancelled by FAA
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若使用二人同行優惠,請填寫另一人的中文及英文全名 For the two-person discount, please write down the full name of another person in BOTH Chinese and English.
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