Curio Draco's PWYW Commission Form
Greetings, and thank you for your interest in my work!

Completing the information requested on this form is immensely helpful for me and I appreciate the time you take to provide these details.
None of the information you share with me will be shared with others, or used for any other purpose.

So here's how the Pay What You Want Thing works:
You provide certain details and what you want to pay, and I make the art happen. It's more open-ended than other kinds of commissions and great for folks who aren't too picky. I feel some of my best work is done in this way. 

Normally, a decently detailed sketch starts at $30, and a reasonably detailed (speedpaint) full color, full body single character with a Very simple background starts at around $100, to give a range.

How a commission is visually completed is determined by how much detail is wanted, how complicated, and how familiar I already am with the content, weighed against how much was paid for the time.

For example, $30 isn't a full illustration, but it could be a decent monochrome full body sketch or a colored headshot sketch. $100 could get a decent colored single character illustration, or a page of sketches.

*NSFW commissions are only available to folks who have already supported my NSFW art feed. Contact me for more information.

Sketch commissions can be upgraded later (within 2 years) if you like.

Limit up to 2 characters.

Please take a moment to look over my TOS:

If you have any questions or concerns about how I work or what to expect, it's likely to have already been addressed there! If you still have questions or concerns, you're absolutely welcome to contact me about it.

I'm available on the following platforms:

Discord: curiodraco#9116
Telegram: @curiodraco
Twitter: curiodraco
Email: curiodracoart -at-
Your preferred name you go by. This is how you'll be listed in the queue and in the eventual file name of your finished work.
Online Presence
Specify if you have a preferred platform you want credit directed to and your username there (@curiodraco on Twitter for example)
Contact Information
Your Email, Telegram, Discord, etc (be sure to specify which) where you prefer to be contacted. For business contact only. This is where I'll contact with any questions about your work, WIPs and dropbox links to your finished work.
Payment Email
Your paypal Email, or specify if there is a different payment method preferred. ----*Other payment methods are available, just ask* ----
$ to be paid
Your paypal invoice will be sent with this amount. -----*Other payment methods are available, PP is just my default* -----If uncertain, please provide a budget range you're willing to spend and I'll reply with what I can offer.
Character and Illustration Details
Character Name/s
Reference Images
Please provide links to reference images that may exist. If no links are available, you may upload images directly in the next field. NSFW refs are acceptable. Role-play or lengthy text descriptions are not. If you only have text, please be concise and straightforward in the details. (A list of details is preferred over a role-played paragraph with details sprinkled in)
Please provide keywords (Personality traits, mood, expression, or a general prompt) that describe your character/s or things you'd like to see your character/s doing. List as many words as you like. Nothing too specific please, things such as exact limb placement or very exact details. Just provide a prompt or brief description and I can take it from there! Bigger commissions will have a sketch check-in for any changes before finishing.
I want it as a...
Please check all that apply that you'd be happy with. My ability to meet your preference will depend on the amount paid, and the additional variables you select as listed in the next question. *NSFW commissions are only available to folks who have already supported my NSFW art feed. Contact me for more information.
Finished as a...
Please check all that apply that you'd be happy with. My ability to meet your preference will depend on the amount paid, and the nature of how much you see of the character, as selected above. If you're not sure but you have an example of my previous work that you want something similar of, feel free to use that as an example of how you want yours finished, either linked in the "other" space or messaged to me directly.
Ownership of character
If you are getting this commission of someone else's character as a gift, I reserve the right to follow up with them about it at a later date. I don't make art of other people's characters without their knowing.
Clear selection
Privacy and Publishing
Clear selection
Public hi-res availability
With my more finished work, I often like to include access to the hi-res file as a paid privilege for folks who want to support my work in this way, either in a hi-res pack or available individually by donation. You may opt out of this if you don't want the hi-res of your finished commission to be available to anyone but you.
Clear selection
Anything else?
Use this space to include any details not specifically asked for which may be relevant to your particular commission.
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I have read the TOS
If you have any questions or concerns about what to expect, PLEASE look over my TOS before asking! If there's something that hasn't already been addressed there, then you are more than welcome to contact me about it. But just check first please :3
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