Syracuse Biathlon Race Registration
Registration for the March 12th Syracuse Biathlon Club Relay Race is now closed. Race day entries will be accepted to a maximum of 50 competitors and will have an additional $5 entry fee surcharge.

SSEE WHO'S REGISTERED/CONFIRM YOUR ENTRY - - This may take up to five minutes to add in a new entry so double check after a bit if you don't see your name.

Saturday - March 12, 2022
New Venue!! - Osceola Ski & Sport Resort:

Note: If you have any issues with this form please contact Pete at to make sure your registration was successful.

Due to the continuing spread of Covid-19, we are taking as many precautions as possible in order to protect everyone involved with this event. While this may make things more difficult, it allows us to hold our events this year. We have put together guidelines based on NYSSRA's & NYSDOH policy along with the organizing committees concerns. We may adapt these depending on the situation as we get closer to race day. Please follow these guidelines as closely as possible.

Current NYSSRA Covid Guidelines can be found at

Please review closely!!
1. You must provide your own scope or have someone zero you (no sharing scopes unless disinfected between use).
2. It is recommended that masks covering nose & mouth must be worn at all times except during the race.
3. Payment with check or exact cash is appreciated.
4. Registration and awards will be held outside as long as conditions allow. The lodge is open for you to use and you are welcome to go in to stay warm, use the facilities, check out the gear and grab a bite to eat.
5. We will be issuing club bibs for the race but if you would prefer to use your own bib, please be sure to enter the number during registration.

Onto the race itself

1. This will be a 2-person team relay event with each competitor completing a course of 6-7km. Each person will shoot twice and have 3 additional rounds each time (if needed).
2. Competitors are free to form teams that meet one of the classes listed below. If you have a team setup before you register, there is a field for you to identify your teammate. You can register without a teammate and let us know afterwards (email or the morning of the race. If you don't have a teammate, we will partner you the morning of the event. Please let us know as early as possible if there's someone you plan on teaming with so we can get bibs setup ahead of time.
3. Race classes/awards will consist of the following:
Open-Female, Open-Male & Open-Mixed (Female/Male) - (rifle carrying competitors shooting at small prone targets or boy/girl class)
Novice-Female, Novice-Male & Novice-Mixed (Female/Male) - (competitors using club rifles, shooting large prone targets)
4. We will be sending out the first team members in a mass start. The second team members will begin their race when their teammate finishes their race and tags off. Final team time will be the finish time of the second team member.
5. Rifles/ammo will be provided for use by novice competitors and we will do our best to disinfect between each use.
6. We will not be providing any water/food so please bring anything will need during the race. There's plenty of good options available in the lodge after the race.
7. Boy/Girl class competitors who do not carry a rifle must arrange for a parent or other person to move the rifle on the racks during the race.
8. Competitors must be 13 years of age or older on race day in order to participate. First timers must complete a rifle safety/biathlon orientation the morning of the event in order to take part.


Registration Opens: 8:00
Zero: 9:00
Race Start: 10:00

All classes: 6-7km relay- 3 loops, penalty loop or one minute time penalties
*NOTE* - Distances and formats may be modified based on snow/trail conditions the day of the race

Race fee: (1) pre-registration: $20 age over 18, $15 for 18 or younger - pay when you check-in day of race. **If you are not a member of USBA, there is an additional $20 'USBA Member For a Day' fee that covers insurance. All payments (cash or check) are due during the registration period the day of the race. Please see event agenda for distances and times.
Day-of-race entries will be accepted but will have an additional $5 fee added and are subject to our participation cap of 50 competitors.

PRE-REGISTRATION CLOSES THURSDAY March 10 AT 10:00PM. There will be no day-of-race registration.

If you have any difficulties with this online form please contact
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