5th Section Application
Thank you for your interest in being a fifth section member of MUSE, Cincinnati Women's Choir.
There are two options for non-singing participation with MUSE. Occasional Volunteers help during concert times and/or with special projects. 5th Section members are non-singing members with all benefits and responsibilities. 5th section members attend rehearsals throughout the season and help with office tasks, run-outs, and fund raising and are expected to be staff supports at all concerts.
Occasional volunteers are not members and do not pay dues.
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A major part of the work done by 5th section/occasional volunteers is as concert staff and support. Please mark all areas where you have experience/skills:
If you checked manual labor, approximately how much weight can you lift?
Thank you for your interest in joining Muse! We look forward to meeting with you. Someone will be contacting you soon
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