IWILL pitch form for $$$
Use this form to pitch to the IWILL planning team interfaith events on your campus. Please only submit one form per campus. If you have questions please contact Elliea@utahcompact.org
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What school do you attend?
In 50 words or less describe your Interfaith Event
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Describe your marketing plan to mobilize the largest and most inclusive gathering of students possible on your campus?
Be specific about how you will gather a diverse group of people while incorporating your individual campus culture.
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Describe how the participants at your event will VOICE, ENGAGE, and ACT.
At the Leadership Lab we spoke in depth about telling our stories, engaging with those who orient around religion differently, and acting to make a difference in your community. Tell us how you event will incorporate these 3 elements of Interfaith.
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As you know, we have some funds to award to school with compelling plans for interfaith events on their campus. Tell us in the space below how much money you will need for your event.
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How will you measure the success of your event?
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