Haskell eXchange 2019 - Call for Papers
Haskell eXchange 2019 will take place on Thursday 10th October - Friday 11th October.

Hello, and thank you for considering a submission to Haskell eXchange 2019! Haskell eXchange is an independent conference organised for and by the community. For 2019, we are planning to have three types of sessions:

1. Regular talks (45 minutes)
2. Hands-on workshops (approximately 90 minutes)
3. Lightning talks (15 minutes)

The timings of the talks include presentation time as well as potential Q&A.

Haskell eXchange is a broad conference, and we will consider proposals related to Haskell, similar languages or their foundations. For example, talks or tutorials about Haskell libraries and applications, experience reports of using Haskell for work, and applicable theory are all fantastic proposals - but please feel free to submit anything that you think is interesting. The committee is happy to work with you if you're unsure if your talk is a good fit, and can be reached at conference-team@skillsmatter.com

Most importantly, we're looking for talks that inspire and educate. If your proposal doesn't fit into any of the above categories, it doesn't matter!

Feel free to propose a talk about a topic you find interesting, even if you have not contributed to that topic yourself. We would like to offer a track specifically aimed at beginners at this year's event. We therefore particularly encourage submissions that are targeted at beginners.

We're especially keen to hear from people who haven't spoken at conferences before. If you are apprehensive of presenting, please know that our community is very friendly & this is a safe way to dip your toes in the public speaking arena. If you are not keen to give a talk on your own - feel free to pair with someone!

The selection will be made by the programme committee on the basis of making this as varied and interesting an event as possible. As proponents of diversity we encourage talks from everyone no matter sex, race, creed, sexuality or ability. All accepted speakers will be given a complimentary ticket to the conference and are open to a refund should you have already purchased a ticket.

We are also still looking for sponsors to support our event. If you are interested in gaining some exposure amongst Haskell developers and teams, please contact us at conference-team@skillsmatter.com.

- Call closes on Tuesday, 11th June 2019.

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