[Deadline 9/25/2016] Signup for HWMR
Title: HWMR, Crystalization-Study of Exdos, Vol 8
Price: $6.00
Deadline of Sign up: 9/25/2016

If you previously signed up for the HWMR, you can view your entry by following the link in below. You don't need to sign up again if your name is existing in the list.


Procedure for ordering Holy Word for Morning Revival

- Order new, or change existing HWMR book by using this order form. You may access this form at www.churchindunnloring.org, or at the book room service in your location.
- Choose language and quantity needed and then submit
- Once books arrive, saints will be notified
- Saints will have 3 weeks to pickup and pay for their books
- After the 3 weeks any books not picked up will be made available for general sale

*Note: Saints are encouraged to establish their own DMS account through the Living Stream Ministry website at www.livingstream.com, or email books@lsm.org, or by calling 1-800-549-5164.

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