Family Share Program - Volunteer Tracking
Family Share Program - Volunteer Tracking

Dear Parents and Friends,

Thank you for being a vital part of St. Gregory Catholic School. We are blessed to have an active and engaged school community; your support is critical to the success of our school. We rely on our PTG to organize fundraising events to provide financial assistance to our school.

In addition to tuition payments, all families are expected to:

1. Work 7 days in the cafeteria OR pay a $70 fee (note that ONLY cafeteria days are transferable).

2. Participate in the Family Share Program by selling a minimum of $300 in fundraisers throughout the year. (Dine & Donate events will count as well but because they only bring in 20-25%, please enter 1/2 of the total amount you spent.)

3. Participate in the Family Share Program by working a minimum of 15 hours at events throughout the year.

Volunteer hours are not transferable between families or otherwise and must be conducted by someone 16 years or older (parent, guardian, grandparent, etc.) from each family.

To help you submit your volunteer hours, you can use the form below to enter several volunteer activities at one time. Please use this form throughout the year as you fulfill your volunteer commitment. Families will be updated quarterly on their amounts and hours accumulated.

Do NOT use this form for cafeteria days - this will be done separately! REQUIRED VOLUNTEER HOURS FOR ATHLETICS SEPARATE FROM THE FAMILY SHARE PROGRAM. However, Athletic Board members, head coaches, and assistant coaches' hours will count towards the Family Share Commitment.

Hardships - any family facing hardship or other situation that inhibits their ability to complete their requirement may request a reduction or exemption from the administration.

Thanks again for all of your support!
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