Solstice Feedback
Hello, person-who-went-to-the-Bay-Area-Solstice! Thanks for helping us make next year's Winter Solstice better. This survey is a bit long. If you don't want to fill out the whole thing, that's okay. If you have time to review the individual songs and stories, that'd be helpful too! You can use our presentation document as reference:
Do you have suggestions for essays, stories or songs for next year?
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General Impressions
How did the event make you feel? Any general thoughts about the overall layout of the celebration?
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Have you been to a previous Solstice?
Do you identify strongly with any of these labels? (Check all that apply)
How did you hear about the Solstice and why did you decide to go?
(If you heard through a friend, or through facebook, do you recall if you heard it from people involved with one of the above groups? i.e humanists, atheists, rationalists, etc)
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How did you feel about the venue? Would you want a similar venue next year?
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Thanks! The rest of the questions are about individual songs and stories. If you have time to answer them, that'd be helpful. For each story/song, check if you felt negative, neutral, mildly or strongly positive about it. And if you have additional comments, let us know.
You can look over the Presentation document to remind yourself which song was which -
Matt's introduction
A spoken story, told by Matt Elder, about his transition out of grad school
Matt's introduction Comments
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Deck the Halls
Deck the Halls comments
Your answer
Let it Snow
Let it snow comments
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Necronomicon comments
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X Days of X-Risk
X Days of X-Risk comments
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Winter is Icumen In
Winter is Icumen In comments
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No One is Alone
No One is Alone comments
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Blowin' in the Wind
Blowin' in the Wind comments
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Kenzi's story
This was about her experience of dealing with the suicide of her brother-in-law, Brandon.
Kenzi's story comments
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Do You Realize?
Do You Realize? comments
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Bitter Wind Blown
Bitter Wind Blown comments
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Stopping by the Woods
Stopping by the Woods comments
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Beyond the Reach of God
This piece was told by Nate, lit by a single candle.
Beyond the Reach of God Comments
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ISS Footage
ISS Footage comments
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Alex's speech
This began with "So what do we do when the darkness surrounds us?"
Alex's speech comments
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Bitter Wind Blown Reprise
Bitter Wind Blown Reprise comments
Your answer
Little Echo
Little Echo comments
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Uplift comments
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Kenzi's speech
This was about her experience entering the community.
Kenzi's speech comments
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Here Comes the Sun
Here Comes the Sun Comments
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Oliver's spoken parts
These were given at the beginning of each of the following songs.
Oliver's spoken parts comments
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Wonderful World
Wonderful World Comments
Your answer
Brighter Than Today
Brighter Than Today Comments
Your answer
We are the Light
We are the Light comments
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Find My Tribe + Move the World
Find My Tribe + Move the World comments
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Five Thousand Years
Five Thousand Years Comments
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Any final comments that occur to you now?
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