USPA 2019 Annual Survey
Dear USPA Member:

Thank you for taking time to participate in the following 2019 survey. The survey is designed to track USPA performance and allows for members to provide anonymous comments and feedback.
All answers are confidential and will not be shared with third parties. However, the USPA Board of Directors reserve the right to share the aggregated summary of the survey answers with its members and sponsors.
Please respond to the following questions; add additional comments as appropriate:
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Did you use/receive services or direct benefits provided by USPA in 2019? *
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Did you attend the 2019 Annual Meeting *
If answered yes please rate level of satisfaction
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Did you participate in 2019 BOD election *
If answered no, what was the major obstacle preventing you from voting (check all that apply)
Are you planning to attend ICOP in China, June 2020?
Are you planning to attend RCOP in Boulder, Colorado; July 2021 (see USPA web site)
What are the strengths/advantages of the Association:
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What areas need to be improved:
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Rate overall USPA performance during 2019 *
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