2023 Midtown Farmers Market Application

The mission of the Midtown Farmer market is to create a vibrant forum in South Minneapolis that connects community residents and nearby urban and rural food food producers and small, local businesses in a mutually beneficial economic and cultural exchange. We were named Best Farmers Market in the Twin Cities by City Pages in 2020.

We operate on Saturdays from 8am to 1pm from May-October and Tuesdays 3pm-7pm June-October.

If you are interested in being a vendor for our 2023 season, you must fill out the application in its entirety. Applicants will be informed of their approval by March.

Priority will be given in the following order

1. Vendors from the 2022 season in good standing.
2. Vendors from other previous seasons in good standing.
3. New vendors who apply by Jan 5th .
4. All vendors who apply between Jan 1st and February 1st. (if there is still space available)
5. All vendors who apply after February 1st will be added at the discretion of the Market managers.

Thank you for your interest in the Midtown Farmers Market!
Name of Applicant (First and Last) *
I am a.... *
Name of Business or Farm *
Name you would like checks made out to (if applicable) *
Tax ID Number, if applicable
Farm or business address *
Mailing Address *
Phone Number *
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Fee Structure
-The application fee is $60 for food (including produce) vendors and $30 for non food vendors. This fee must be paid within 2 weeks of submitting application in order for your application to be considered.

-The daily fee is $35 for Saturdays and $25 for Tuesdays.
-The full season fee is $800 for Saturdays and $500 for Tuesdays
-The fee for two stalls all season long is $1200 for Saturdays and $800 for Tuesdays
-The fee for a half season is $400 for Saturdays and $250 for Tuesdays

50% of stall fees must be paid by May 20th . The other 50% must be paid by mid-season (August 1st), unless alternative payment plan is created with the managers.

 If fees are not paid by this time, vendors will be notified and may lose their space in the market and be replaced by a different vendor who pays in full.

Mailed in payment should be sent to:
Corcoran Neighborhood Organization
3451 Cedar Ave S. Minneapolis, MN 55407
ALL CHECKS TO BE MADE OUT TO: Corcoran Neighborhood Organization
online payments can be made via paypal, notify Market management if you require an online payment option.
contact us about payment: Mo@corcoranneighborhood.org OR Ocean@corcoranneighborhood.org

List names of others who will be selling with you at your booth and their relationship to you (i.e. son, wife, sister etc.) If not applicable write N/A *
Type of Business (check all that apply) *
If I am selling vegetables, fruits, eggs, grains, meats, or legumes, I attest that this has been grown by myself and/or my family or my employees. Our mission is to encourage fresh, local food so we are not allowing the wholesaling of these items at the Midtown Farmers Market. *
Description of Products and Business (add website or social media accounts if you have them) *
Do You Require a Special Type of Stall? Check all that apply *
You will not be allowed to vend at the market until you have the proper documentation and licenses. If you do not attach what we need from you, (or email to mo@corcoranneighborhood.org) a market manager will contact you to obtain the correct documentation. Press Yes to acknowledge. *
Press Yes to acknowledge you have read the fees section *
Would you like to pay the second half of your stall fees in market buck tokens? (only applicable to certain food vendors) *
Saturday Dates desired. Please take note of the days you sign up for on your own calendar as well. *
Tuesday Dates Desired. Please note Tuesdays begin in June and that we are closed on 7/4. Please take note of the days you sign up for on your own calendar as well. *
The Midtown Farmers Market issues Red EBT tokens and market bucks to people with EBT cards. These tokens can only be used on fresh produce or qualifying prepared food. Ready to eat food cannot accept red EBT tokens. If you are a vendor who can accept EBT tokens and market bucks, additional information will be sent to you to explain the function of these tokens and the reimbursement schedule. Press Yes to acknowledge. *
The Midtown Farmers Market does not issue green "cash" tokens and the nearest ATM is located at the bank next to the market site. Trends in recent years show that fewer and fewer people carry cash. We strongly encourage you to take credit cards and/or use an e-payment app like Venmo, CashApp, or Paypal. If you require assistance setting up these apps or figuring out how to take cards, market managers can offer you individual assistance on a case by case basis. Press Yes to acknowledge. *
Masks are strongly encouraged for everyone. For your safety and others we will always have masks and sanitizing stations available. We have other COVID-19 precautions in place that we explain at a later time. All these precautions must be followed by you and any staff, friends, or family members that vend with you at your booth. Press Yes to acknowledge. *
If you are unable to attend a market that you sign up for, you must let market staff know within 48 hours of the beginning of the market. (Some exceptions apply at the discretion of the managers) If you do not inform staff before the 48 hours before the market, you are still responsible to make payment for that day. If you no call-no show (You do not tell market staff at any time you will not be at a market you signed up for) you will be placed on review by market managers in addition to paying that days stall fee with an additional charge of $10. At this time, the managers can decide to remove you from the market for the rest of the season with no refund. Press Yes to acknowledge. *
Racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia,  misogyny, or bigotry of any kind is not tolerated by the Midtown Farmers Market. If a shopper, staff member, or fellow vendor reports you for any of the above actions, you will be subject to a one on one meeting or phone call with the Manager. If multiple incidents occur, you will be placed on review and at that time, the managers can decide to remove you from the market for the rest of the season with no refund. Press Yes to acknowledge. *
I agree to follow all of the above rules. I understand that if market staff observes or receives evidence of my failure to abide by this agreement and that failure results in my removal from the market, I will not be reimbursed for my season fees. I acknowledge that I have filled out this application with true information to the best of my knowledge, and any changes will be sent to market managers as soon as possible. Please use your name as a signature below. *
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