T.H.E. : January Round
Regular Application

🔥_Set Up & Special Dates_🔥

Payment : 5th @ 12 P.M. SLT
Payment Deadline : 10th @ 5 P.M. SLT
Set Up : 12th @ 1 P.M. SLT
Set Up Deadline : 20th @ 7 P.M. SLT
Extension Date : 21st @ 9 A.M. SLT
Opening : 21st @ 5 P.M. SLT
Ending : 11th @ 3 P.M. SLT

🔥_Payment & Fees_🔥

Sponsor : 4,500L / Prim Limit : 100
Late Fee: 1,500L


🔥_Rules & Requirements_🔥

  1. Booths must be on phantom, this will cut down the amount of lag.
  2. No decorations hanging outside of the booths please.
  3. Scripts are limited. We do allow Vendor and Redelivery scripts.
  4. No copyright infringements (Gucci, LV, Fendi, Chanel, Spongebob, Barbie, ETC. (this will be an automatic ban & block from the event group & land).

 5. You will be replaced if you fail to set-up before the opening of the event. (You will have a 24hr extension period a day before the opening please take advantage of that. If something else is causing you to be late please communicate with me about that).
6. No OLD releases or previous event releases, this will result in you being kicked out the event.
7. No marketplace item's AT ALL. This isn't that kind of event. Original meshes ONLY.
8. Failure to participate in 2 rounds MAX, you will be removed from the group...    
We do NOT accept ANY copyrighted items. No images, patterns, or logo's from real life brands. That includes Gucci, LV, Nike, Chanel, PRADA, Fendi and etc. If you fail to respect this rule you will lose your spot and will be ejected from the designer group.. OH, and NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED! Do you agree to our TOS policy? * *
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