Julian Visitors Share Your Opinions
As the prospect of opening up California is on the horizon, we are very interested to know and understand your ideas of a "new normal," how we can best serve you, our visitors. Please take a few moments to let us know how you are feeling.
How Likely Are you to Visit Julian when the Stay at Home Orders are Lifted?
How Far do You Travel in order to Visit Julian?
What Activities are You looking forward to?
What items or actions below would help you feel safe when visiting Julian?
What Personal Actions will you be taking to promote your safety and that of other visitors when out and about?
What concerns do you have about venturing out as a visitor and how do you feel our town, as a whole might be able to address those concerns?
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When You Visit Julian Do you . . .
If you do stay over - Tell us how our lodging facilities can best EARN your business.
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When Thinking about future stays are you most likely to
How do you learn about Julian Happenings?
How often do you view the Main Street Webcam?
When You Visit Julian do you stop by the visitor center for information? If your answer to this is no, we'd love to have you stop by at the corner of Main & Washington at Town Hall.
What Events Do You Enjoy Attending in Julian
On A Scale of 1 to 5 how Welcome do you feel by Julian Businesses?
Not Very Welcomed
Very Welcome
Any Additional Comments or Concerns You Would Like to Share? You may also use the space to provide us with your contact information, should you wish for someone to reach out to you.
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