Forza Stage FH4 Team Leaderboard Registration
This form is for team applications for the FH4 Forza Stage team leaderboard before filling this out please review the website under Leaderboard, check Leaderboard Rules, and Team Rules & Information

Discord :

Teams must submit information about the team, such as the team name, the leader, its members and more. This information will be used to determine whether your team is eligible for the leaderboard or not. If your team is deemed ineligible for the leaderboard, your application will be declined. You may later improve your team and join the leaderboard at a later date, however you will start at the bottom of the leaderboard.

If you have any questions regarding the form or the leaderboard in general, contact an admin or founder in the discord server. Take into account that you may only submit ONE application. If your team is deemed ineligible, your application will be declined. Therefore it is important that you correctly complete the form, and refer to an admin/founder if you have any problems with the form.

*NoteYou must be in Forza Stage discord to be Eligible
*may take up to a few day’s for a staff member to review and place you upon the leaderboard

Team Name *
Team Leader Gamertag *
Team Leader Discord username
Team Roster *
List the Gamertags of all other team members of your team here (minimum 3). If you have 10+ other team members, list the 10 most active
Team Forza decal *
Teams are required to have an in-game decal/sticker. Load your team's decal in the Vinyl Groups editor and take a screenshot (home button > Y button). Upload this screenshot to OneDrive and download it from there, and then upload it to this form. Alternatively, go to and download your screenshot from there.
Team Description *
Tell us more about your team, such as the team history, experience, etc. This will help to improve the quality of your application and may determine whether your team is accepted to the leaderboard or not
The district your team is interested in joining. *required for leaderboard enterance* *
Make sure you have reviewed the team rule’s, and inform us what district your team is requesting to join. You must choose a district which will assign you a home course and district role.
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