Welcome to our T3C Softball Ministry player registration and application process.
Just so you know what you're signing up for, we want to share what we're about and a bit of what to expect. Please read the following carefully as we have updated the form to include some very important information for the 2020 season.

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T3C SOFTBALL MINISTRY (Who we are / What we're about)

Required Registration Details:

Softball Team Information
Payment Details
Submission Details
Player Commitment
T3C Softball Registration Form
New 2020 Helmet Rule Details


More info/links: https://linktr.ee/t3csoftball
Email us: t3csoftball@gmail.com
Registration Form: http://bit.do/t3csoftball2020
Updates: https://www.facebook.com/t3csoftball/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/t3csoftball
Video Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYWLqDQO4ftV7iTcrIXR_Pg/playlists


T3C SOFTBALL MINISTRY. This is a summer softball program organized by the Toronto Christian Community Church (T3C) for people to play together and enjoy the game of softball with the following vision and mission:

VISION: To create, engage, and encourage disciples to share in word and deed about Jesus Christ, for the glory of God

MISSION: To use softball as an inviting space for people to belong and experience God’s love through intentional relationship-building

Our vision and mission statements are derived from the Bible, specifically, Romans 10:14-15, and John 13:34-35.

While playing softball together, not only do we want to develop softball skills, but we also want to develop friendships, leaders, a sense of community and to share and demonstrate the love and word of Jesus.

We look forward to another fun season with new friends and new memories!
Filling out this form is for TCCC (T3C) administration purposes only.
T3C Softball Registration will be open until May 9, 2020 @ 11:59PM* or once full.

We will be factoring in the following when processing applications:

- - Complete payments by Deadline.
- - Individual Commitment levels.
- - Our priority list mentioned below.

*We will be capping our registration when full, which may happen before the deadline.
The reason for the cap is to allow for more manageable communication and management on each softball team.

We will try our best to accommodate players, however please understand that we are working under many constraints. We will make every effort to process all incoming forms ahead of the CCSA deadline, so that even if all of our spots are filled, there may be playing opportunities with other CCSA teams (https://ccsasoftball.net/). 

All players must create a CCSA Dashboard profile, as this is also mandatory for a player's application to be complete. Please register on https://dashboard.ccsasoftball.net/

Players with existing profiles simply need to login (and update your info if applicable and sign the online waiver).

If it's your first time accepting the online waiver on the CCSA Dashboard, you'll also need to print out and sign a physical copy with pen (MUST BE SIGNED WITH PEN INK, NO SCANNING) and return it to us before the deadline. Please see below for submission details.

If you're under the age of 18, you'll need to print out a physical copy every year for a parent or guardian to sign on your behalf.
We are still waiting for further information from CCSA, but as of now, the earliest possible season start date will be July 4/5. With this tentatively delayed season, Senior season will be shortened and total number of games may be different than what is listed below.

Each season consists of 10 games scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm, 4pm and/or 6pm and are played at parks in Scarborough and North York. Players are required to make it to the scheduled games at least 30 minutes before game time. Games are approximately 2 hours long, which includes a mandatory post-game devotional time.

Sr Playoffs: last two weekends of August.
Jr Playoffs: last weekend of August.

Each player is responsible to communicate any delays or absences to their team leaders in a timely manner.
Official schedule will be made available May 2, 2020

1x Senior teams (Ages 18+)
1x Junior teams (Ages 14 - 18)

A player's age is determined as of December 31st of the present year
*We will be assigning players to teams, and we reserve the right to determine who will be eligible to play this season.

An email will be sent out to you once rosters are finalized.
If we determine that any applicant is not eligible for a roster spot, an email will be sent out to confirm.

The cost per player will be:
$75 for Senior players (18+)
$55 for Junior players (14-18)

This fee covers league registration cost and team costs (including new jerseys, team equipment, etc) and will also be used towards fostering team socials.

If a player does not pay, their registration will be considered incomplete and may lose their spot on the roster, and they will not be allowed to play.

- - - Cash, Cheque, or E-Transfer

Cash / Cheque - payable to "Jonathan Tao", memo: Player's Full Name

E-Transfer - send to <t3csoftball@gmail.com>, note: Player's Full Name

With so many changes and challenges due to this time, any applicant that has registered already may withdraw their application if they'd like. A full refund will be issued, but you must email us with this request <t3csoftball@gmail.com>.
If the season is cancelled, a full refund will be issued to all players.
Payment and waiver forms may be given to Jonathan Tao or Amanda Wong. If you are unfamiliar or unable to do this, please have a friend make this submission for you.

Waivers can also be dropped off in the T3C Softball Mailbox slot, (located on the 2nd Floor, next to the photocopier. The slot is near bottom left corner, by the wall, labelled "T3C Softball Ministry") See Covid-19 Update below.

For other arrangements, please contact: t3csoftball@gmail.com

With the TCCC building closed, and current measures of restricted movement during this pandemic, we will email all applicants with further instructions regarding physical submissions of any payment or forms.
Please do not drop off any forms or payment at the church.
EXPECTATIONS *Updated for 2020*

IMPORTANT* Due to the high demand to play, and only ONE Junior team and only ONE Senior team this season (2020), spots on our softball teams are EXTREMELY limited, and are reserved for players who can COMMIT to attending practices (once a week) and games (10 games). Please be aware that after processing applications, we may need to turn away players or have players put on a Waiting List. We may also close our registration before the deadline if it becomes full. We reserve the right to determine who will be eligible to play. 

* * * * * PRIORITY LIST * * * * *
Priority to get a spot on our teams will factor in completed payments, individual commitment level to games, practices, team functions, as well as the following priority list:

i) Friends that are new to or unfamiliar with the Christian faith that don't have a home church, with an interest to learn and play softball (this amount will be limited)
ii) T3Cers bringing in a Friend (i), and who will be active in participating in the purpose of this ministry.
iii) T3Cers who will be active in participating in the purpose of this ministry.
iv) T3Cers who have never had an experience to play in the CCSA before.
v) T3Cers that will not be playing on another T3C summer sports team this summer.
vi) T3Cers that will be playing on another T3C summer sports team this summer.
vii) T3Cers that will be playing in another softball league this summer.

We want to allow people to join a community at T3C if they don't already have one. We will use prayer, wisdom, discernment, and our best discretion to determine eligibility of players, but want to promote fairness, and inclusion into the T3C community. If you are well integrated and connected into the T3C community, you may be put on the Waiting List. We want to provide the opportunity for people to experience the softball ministry if they have not before, and for people who have not had the opportunity to plug into our T3C community.

If you have NOT met the expected commitment level in the previous season(s), you may be put on the Waiting List or turned away.

We will not be able to accommodate Christians who have a home church elsewhere and/or Christians who attend church on Sundays elsewhere. Special cases can be discussed, please direct all questions or concerns to t3csoftball@gmail.com.

Our softball teams are all about coming together, building relationships, and getting to know one another better over the the course of the season, so commitment to being present is an absolute expectation. If you are unable to commit, or if you are not able to get a spot on our teams, please know that we will have other opportunities for you to participate and play, such as at Softball Day, some exhibition games, and some designated team practices. Please be aware that though we have less teams this year, we may have more teams in future seasons, so do consider signing up again with us in the future! The limited number of teams this season is due to the limited number of leaders. If you or someone you know would make an excellent leader, please connect with us. Also, if you have any questions at all, or would like to discuss any of these matters, do not hesitate to reach out to us at t3csoftball@gmail.com.

Please read the general expectations of each player (Your team leaders may modify these requirements):
- - I commit to being part of the team for the duration of the season and will try my best to attend practices, social outings, and games (at least 75% of scheduled games and practices).
- - I commit to attend and be actively engaged in every devotional after each game is played
- - I commit to being responsible for my own attendance to practices and games and to keep my team's leaders informed of any delays/absences
- - I commit to abide by the rules and regulations set by the CCSA

CCSA Rules: https://ccsasoftball.net/rules.php
T3C Softball Registration has closed on May 9, 2020
*We reserve the right to close registration earlier if we've reached our signup capacity.

Personal Contact Information
Last Name *
First Name *
Home Phone (123-456-7890) (if any)
Mobile Phone (123-456-7890) *
Major Intersection of your Residence (during the Summer months) (e.g. Warden and Steeles) *
Email Address *
Emergency Info
For all Junior players, a confirmation and welcome email may be sent to the emergency/parent/guardian contact email address which will highlight general expectations and general league details.
Emergency Contact's Full Name *
Relationship *
Emergency Contact Number *
Any Medical Concerns *
TCCC Administration Info
Name ONE person you would like to be on a team with (no guarantees!)
Jersey Size *
Birth Date (please ensure birth year is correct) *
How old will you be as of December 31, 2020 and what division will you be playing in? *
Parental/Guardian Email Address (if playing in Junior Division, if different from Emergency Contact)
Preferred Skill Level (no guarantees) *
What are your top 3 jersey number preferences (no guarantees) *
Which days are you generally available for practices? (assume week nights, Saturday mornings, and weekend afternoons)
Have you played softball before? If YES, how many seasons? where?
What is your main/usual position(s)?
If NO, are there other sports you play? (Please specify)
What are 3 aspects of your summer softball experience that are important to you? *
Which of the following best describes you? *
Your Home Church (If you have one) *
What are some questions/topics you have regarding Christianity and/or faith that you would like to know more about?
Are there any other topics (that weren't listed above) you'd want to know more about?
I would like to...
Please check all that apply
Start attending T3C
Become a Christian
Learn more about Christianity/faith, etc.
Talk to a Pastor
Join a Fellowship
Join a Small Group
Serve in the Church
How are you connected to T3C? *
Name of friend/family member
We will only be accepting Committed Players.
With the increase in demand and decrease in number of teams, roster spots are extremely limited. Please know that we will only be taking players who can commit to being present with the team at practices, games and socials. If you are unable to commit, we kindly ask that you would let us know and be ready to give up your spot to someone who is able to commit. We anticipate a high volume of applicants and may have to turn some away if we exceed our cap. We will also be using the Priority List to determine roster spots, as mentioned above.

Please answer the following questions honestly and truthfully to the best of your knowledge.
Based on other commitments you may have during the summer, what is your commitment level to T3C Softball (5 = come out to 50% of practices/games/socials, 10 = come out to 100% practices/games/socials) *
Not Committed At All
Absolutely Committed
What other commitments/obligations do you have that may interfere with your commitment to your softball team and how long/often would this conflict? (e.g. 2-week missions trips in August, 3-week vacation in May, playing in other leagues, studying out of town, work, etc.) Please specify. *
Understanding my commitment level for the summer and required capacity and availability to be part of team practices, games, socials, etc... *
We're Always Looking for Help, Support, and Volunteers!
We're blessed to be part of a wonderful community filled with people who are gifted with strengths, talents, resources and time. If you're available and willing to contribute to our Softball Ministry, we'd love for more people to be involved.
Here are some things you can commit to helping T3C Softball with...
Please check all that apply
Take photos and/or videos for your team and for T3C Softball
Help Sew Team Patches
Take the Umpire Test
Help Umpire at games
Help Lead our Umpiring Clinic
Scorekeep at games
Help setup/remove team bases and pylons before and after home games
Help Plan a Team Social
Host a Team Social
Bring a cooler for the team to share and use at team games
Plan a Practice Sharing/Devotional
Share your Testimony
Help lead ONE softball practice (or more)
Provide Batting instruction/assistance to players at a team practice
Help with Softball Day (event planning, scheduling, coordinate food, city permit booking, etc)
Help with Year End Dinner (event planning, scheduling, food prep, worship team, MC, decorations, set up, clean up, slideshow, design awards, etc .
Full Payment is required before deadline for this application to be considered complete.
Without payment by deadline, you may lose your spot to another player with registration complete by payment.
Accepting Cash, Cheque or E-Transfer (instructions listed at the top of this form)
Payment Deadline: May 23, 2020 *
Helmets are Mandatory for ALL Players *New for 2020*
According to Softball Canada, and the new rules implemented by the league this season, Helmets are mandatory for ALL batters, on-field on-deck batters and base runners. In addition, pitchers in the Junior division and pitchers under the age of 18 in the Senior division must wear a helmet with an attached face cage.

Each T3C Softball team will be supplied with (5) team helmets that will be shared. These are made available to all players on the team.

For more info, please see https://ccsasoftball.net/rules.php
Helmet Purchase (Optional)
At your own discretion and preference, you may choose to purchase your own helmet.
Purchasing a helmet is optional and not required.

This is an example of a good quality helmet, and is actually marked down at a very good price.

You can also add this additional 25% discount on your purchases at National Sports (limited time only).
For planning purposes, please answer the following. (We are just gauging responses)
Clear selection
Please ensure you've read everything on this form clearly before submitting your application
If you have NOT met the expected commitment level in the previous season(s), you may be put on the Waiting List or turned away. Commitment to being present with your team for at least 75% of team functions is an expectation of all of our players as we desire for all members to grow together as a team.
* * REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED * * I have read and I understand ALL of the expectations listed on this registration form, in particular, the expected level of commitment and the extremely limited spaces available for players, and I have answered truthfully and to the best of my ability. *
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