Community Health Project Inventory Entry

In order to help us gain an understanding of the work being conducted by various health organizations throughout our community, please take a few minutes to complete this project inventory entry form. If there are multiple projects your organization is currently overseeing, please return to this page to enter additional projects.

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Harris County Healthcare Alliance

For any questions regarding this form or the project inventory, please contact Stephen Collazo at

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    Inadequate access to primary care
    Inadequate access to specialty care
    Inadequate access to behavioral health care
    Inadequate access to dental care
    Inadequate access to care for veterans and active military, particularly mental health and substance abuse services
    Inadequate access to treatment and services designed for special needs populations, including disabled, homeless, children, elderly
    Insufficient access to care coordination practice management and integrated care treatment programs
    High rates of inappropriate emergency department utilization
    High rates of preventable hospital readmissions
    High rates of preventable hospital admissions
    High rates of chronic disease and inadequate access to treatment programs and services for illnesses associated with chronic disease
    High rates of tobacco use and excessive alcohol use
    High teen birth rates
    High rates of poor birth outcomes and low birth-weight babies
    Insufficient access to services for pregnant women, particularly low income women
    Shortage of primary and specialty care physicians
    High rate of sexually transmitted diseases
    Insufficient access to integrated care programs for behavioral health and physical health conditions
    Lack of immunization compliance, resulting in rising incidence of preventable illnesses
    Lack of access to programs providing health promotion education, training and support, including screenings, nutrition counseling, patient education programs
    Inadequate transportation options for individuals in rural areas and for indigent/low income populations
    Insufficient access to services that are specifically designed to address racial, ethnic and cultural health care disparities
    Lack of patient navigation, patient and family education and information programs.
    Lack of care coordination and unnecessary duplication of services due to insufficient implementation and use of electronic health records
    Graduate medical education (residency training) in health care systems, team-based practice, quality improvement, and cost control
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