NORBIS membership for research groups and PhD supervisors

Please read the following agreement thoroughly before submitting your application!

Requirements for membership as a PhD student:

PhD students affiliated to one of our eight partners universities are welcome to join NORBIS, the national research school in bioinformatics, biostatistics and systems biology. Please note that you must have been admitted to a PhD program before you can apply for membership.

Agreement to admission to the NORBIS research school

This agreement concerns the admission to the Norwegian research school in bioinformatics and biostatistics (NORBIS). The purpose of this agreement is to define to rights and obligations of the school, the institution, the supervisors, and the student (member).

The NORBIS partners are University of Bergen (host), University of Oslo, UiT The Arctic university of Norway, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Nord University, University of Agder, and University of Stavanger.

The parties to this agreement are: NORBIS, the PhD candidate host institution, the principal supervisor of the PhD candidate, and the PhD candidate.

NORBIS commits to:

Create a research environment to allow the PhD candidate to develop skills and knowledge by providing appropriate courses, workshops, and conferences.
Provide up to date information about NORBIS activities
Cover travel and accommodation costs for PhD candidates and supervisors for NORBIS activities

The program institution commits to:

Inform and facilitate participation at NORBIS activities.
Ensure that the PhD candidate takes part in and contributes at the NORBIS conferences and facilitate for short or long term research stays.
Facilitate the organisation of courses and other NORBIS activities.

The PhD student commits to:

Regularly participate in the annual conference of NORBIS.
Participate in additional NORBIS activities (courses, workshop, seminar, conferences).
Participate actively in NORBIS effort to create a research environment propitious to development of new theoretical and methodological knowledge.
Prepare and give presentations and actively comment and discuss fellow candidates' presentations.
Contribute to a good cooperation between NORBIS and the partner institution.

The supervisor commits to:

Contribute to the creation of a research environment that will help the students
Supervisors are highly encouraged to participate at the supervisor forum held jointly with the NORBIS annual conference.
Ensure that the PhD candidate takes part in and contributes at the NORBIS annual conference, and facilitate short or long term research stays.


This agreement comes in addition to the admission agreement with the institution where the PhD candidate is admitted.

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