Your Story- Ethics in Public Sector Accountancy
We need your stories about the ethical challenges you have experienced working as a professional accountant or auditor in the public sector.

The African Professionalisation Initiative (API) is an initiative that seeks to address the shortage of professional accountants and auditors (generally referred to as “accountants”) in the African public sector through partnership with key stakeholders. The initiative seeks to achieve this by providing learning and support tools that are relevant to the African context, to be used for professionalisation efforts in different African countries.

For further info on the API:

We require you to complete the 3 main questions (in addition to the optional biographical information), to provide us with valuable insights on ethical issues or dilemmas that you have experienced in different public sector in roles.

Please contact us if you would like to provide more comprehensive responses than the online survey allows, require further information or if you are experiencing challenges with the survey.

Contact: Neo Hlatshwayo:
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