Registration to the International Meeting and abstract submission - Patient safety for the new medical generation - 31st August and 1st September 2018
Dear Colleague,

Welcome to the registration page to the International Meeting “Patient safety for the new medical generation” that will be held in Florence on the 31st August and 1st September 2018.

The goal of this event is promoting patient safety culture in new medical generations and to spread the knowledge on ergonomics and human factors among medical students and residents.

In the morning of the first day there will be lectures by several international experts on the topics of safety, quality and human factor.

The afternoon will be dedicated to representatives of students and residents that can introduce themselves to an international audience and give some snapshot of their commitment in safety, quality and Human Factor. They will have then the possibility to work together with the international experts in order to define the new priorities for patient safety.

The results of the working groups will be presented in the plenary session on the 1st of September and the final report will be shared with the Patient Safety and Risk Management Unite of the WHO.

The participation is free for all residents and students.
Deadline for registration is 30th June 2018

For a selection of 12 residents coming from Low and Middle Income Countries costs for the flight and 2 days’ accommodation in Florence will be covered by the organization. Residents will be contacted directly by the organizers if they will be shortlisted.
Deadline for participating in the selection is 10th June 2018

Residents will also have the possibility to submit an abstract in order to present their experience in patient safety during the working group session. The Scientific Committee of the Meeting will select 20 abstracts.
Deadline for submitting the abstract is 30th June 2018

In order to register, please complete with the following information.

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Topic of abstracts: Identify 2/3 priority topics for the future of patient safety according to you experience as resident and how you would achieve them

Structure of the abstract. title; priority topics; how to achieve this goals

If your abstract will be selected for presentation during the working table session, you will have 5 minutes’ time to illustrate your idea.

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