Newtown Residents' Association Membership Form for 2018-2019.
Membership is available to anyone who has an interest in Newtown and the surrounding suburbs. If you support what the Association does then please join us –it only costs a gold coin! Our financial year is from July to June so subscriptions are due now for membership until June 30th 2019.
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We welcome you as a member wherever you live. However when there are issues specific to a particular area it can be useful to be able to contact members living in that area.
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Membership Fee and Donations
The subscription is kept low - a gold coin - so that cost isn't a barrier to joining. However the Wellington City Council operating grant to Residents' Associations has recently been reduced from $1500 to $1000 annually, so if you are in a position to also give us a donation to help us meet the shortfall this will be gratefully received! Donations of more than $5 will qualify for a tax exemption - if you pay $6 or more we will say the first $1 is the membership fee and give you a donation receipt for the balance.

You are welcome to pay online - our bank account is Newtown Residents' Association - 03-0578-0008076-000. Particulars: your name; Reference: Subscription (or Donation if relevant). Please make sure that you have given us your email address to get a donation receipt.

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Sharing information
All members with an email address will get our Residents' Association Newsletter and will hear about meetings and most events. There is also other correspondence between newsletters which can be shared with members who are interested. This can be notifications from WCC or other bodies about consultations and submissions, invitations to events, and other similar topics. How much information would you like to receive?
If you would like to receive correspondence between Newsletters, are you willing for your email address to be visible to other recipients?
If you prefer to keep your email private we will send you the correspondence as 'bcc'. The downside of this is that you won't be able to see other people's replies or join in discussion. Please note that we will not share your email with other organisations without your permission.
We are interested to hear any suggestions and comments about the Association, its activities and your reasons for joining.
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