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Wood Type - Prices per square foot

Wood Type all listed prices are approximate and are to give you an idea of the price range between the wood options. We work with many different types of wood, below are the most common types, feel free to enter in any other wood type and we will get you pricing for it!

-To calculate the square footage of your dream table, 
Take the Length X the Width - in feet
Then take that answer X the square footage cost.

Example: Maple 72"x36" (6'x3') Table Top

Take ( 6 x 3 ) = 18
Take ( 18 x $200 ) = $3800+

Quick Helps
36" = 3'               40" = 3.3'
48" = 4'               52" = 4.4'
60" = 5'               72" = 6'
84" = 7'               96" = 8'
108" = 9'            120" = 10'

Table Style *
Epoxy Color 
(We have many variations of each color and can easily make you your own custom color) Below our some of our signature color recipes.
Length x Width *
Budget  -  Feel Free to select multiple options if needed *
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