19-20 Office Aide Application
To qualify for the office aide program students must have no discipline referrals and no more than 5 unexcused absences for the current school year. You must also have a minimum of 20 credits by the end of the school year. Office aide does not count towards state graduation requirements. Professional behavior is required while performing tasks such as running passes, answering phones, assisting students and parents, giving campus tours and general office tasks.
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Kerry Knisely (A-Ce), Ron Mendoza (Ch-Go), Twana Moore (Gr-La, Branden Richardson (Le-O), Maggie Norris (P-Sl), Carol McDaniel-White (Sm-Z)
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Paige Smith (A-Bic), Leah Berry (Bid-Dos), Shannon Nobles (Dot-Hon), Jennifer Martinez (Hoo-Maq), Megan Thomas (Mar-Ph), Natalie Eddleman (Pi-So), Monique (Rhoda) Chavez (Sp-Z)
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