Sales Leadership Internship Application (COM 483)
What is an internship?

An internship is a work experience offered by employers to potential employees to work for a limited time. Internships will vary in length but most are a full semester, or 15 weeks long, providing direct contact with an internship coordinator or industry professional. Students can intern for any for-profit or non-profit firm to gain work experience. Students should pursue opportunities that promote Communication specific skill development.


You must:
• Have applied and been accepted or provisionally accepted to the Sales Leadership Specialization
• Have the internship experience pre-approved by Jennifer Rumler, Internship Coordinator, for the Sales Leadership Specialization


1. You may not intern in a family company or with an organization where either of your parents works.
2. Internship credit will be given only during the semester in which you are interning; credit will not be given for previously completed intern experiences.
3. Internship credit will not be given for internships or jobs where you have already worked before.
4. Internships are counted as independent study credit and COM 483 is worth one credit.
5. Internships are graded on the 4.0 scale, and the course is administered on-line and the assignments consist of a Company Description, Job Description, Marketing Audit, and Self-Assessment, and an evaluation of the student by the workplace supervisor. Students completing COM 483 during the summer semester will be asked to join a Facebook Group and there will be weekly discussion posts about topics in sales.

This application is to apply for COM 483 credit ONLY!
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